Report on Emergency Meeting at Trinity United Methodist Church - Major Opportunity

Thu, 2 Aug 2007 16:07:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Bill Aureitz" libertyslamp(at)
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Subject: [911 Visibility Project Action] Important: Report on Emergency Meeting Last Night at TUMC-- Major Opportunity!

Last night I drove back with my houseguests all the way from a sublimely beautiful campground near Mt. Rainier to attend the Emergency Meeting called by Rev. Rich Lang at Trinity United Methodist Church, and it was well worth it.

Rev. Lang gave a strong address condemning the tyranny and treachery of the American Empire, urging creative direct action to name and thereby destroy evil done in secrecy, with the need for all of us to act in community as the other superpower. He strongly suggested the use of creative culture jamming and direct action, including shutting down parts of the city, on this upcoming September 11! He garnered a standing ovation for his worthy words, which will be broadcast on SCAN and the internet soon.

This address brilliantly linked all of the other issues to 9/11 Truth, tending to legitimate it by activists of many other types participating on this anniversary of 9/11!

We then broke up into small planning groups, which will be continued in a series of meetings each Monday until September 10. There also seemed to be an understanding in this group that socializing, networking and food are the building blocks of community; about twenty of us went out for drinks afterwards at Asteroid, a fine Northern Italian restaurant in Fremont owned and operated by 9/11 Truth and media activists.

Although there was, in my opinion and that of a fair number of others, too much airtime given to the at this point dead-in-the-water impeachment issue, there was some airtime given to more radical viewpoints as well. Kim Kerrigan, Michael Tivana, Richard Yount and myself were representing us there, but this is a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY for Truthers to directly steer the tenor and content of direct action on and around 9/11, whether by submission of ideas to others attending, or by attending yourselves!

I am planning to attend all of these meetings and will keep the Seattle 9/11 Truth networks apprized of developments as they occur.



Please post audio when you can.

Re: impeachment, I've seen the idea floated that the focus for impeachment should shift to Gonzales, since he is much of what stands in the way of deeper investigations into Bush Administration crimes. There's a reason they're fighting so hard to keep him in place, after all.

Rep Jay Inslee Spearheading Gonzo IMPEACHMENT Probe

I am just now sending this email to the apparent author of the report "Bill Aureitz" in the original post above:

Thanks for your report on Trinity United Methodist's emergency meeting. We look forward to your future reports. (please put me on your list if possible.) I posted your report over on http://www.911truthnow blog, where it is getting some comments.

I don't think IMPEACHMENT is "dead in the water" (nor should be). In case you missed it: Washington state's own federal representative (1st district) JAY INSLEE very recently, along with a group of fellow former prosecutors in the House, introduced a resolution to begin investigations for IMPEACHMENT of Gonzo GONZALES. A good place to start, I think. Whether they can keep it going or not, it is moving in a good direction, and puts anti-impeachment Reps on the spot while facing their constituencies during this recess.

9/11 Truth Ends War

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[Below is a reply recently received from "Rebecca" in response to my response re "impeachment (not) dead in the water":]

Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2007 15:26:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Bill Aureitz"
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Subject: Re: I don't think impeachment is "dead in the water"
Saturday, August 4, 2007

Inslee, along with Murray, has already shown up at the Washington Statehouse to intimidate legislators to quash Omert's impeachment bill in February. It is therefore my opinion that he is trying to further divert the energies of the impeachment movement to this half-measure, not direct them efficaciously.

I have found over and over if I already see what is going to happen, clearly state it to others, and am not believed by them, the best thing to do is for me to nonresistantly step aside and let them beat their heads against the wall long enough for them to get my point. So it shall be with impeachment. I have no further comment on the subject to you who intend to keep up the self-inflicted head-bashing and energy-wasting in an effort that, as of the gutting of habeus corpus, is no longer constitutionally supported. This is coming from someone who profoundly respects the constitution, but is also a pragmatic political strategist and activist.

That said, thank you, Whoever You Are, for forwarding my blog to this other listserv, [i.e.: this blog] which I will investigate.


[Rebecca's info and opinion is greatly appreciated. Here's hoping she is wrong on the ultimate outcome of this. HARD HATS REQUIRED!]

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