Spying on US population to be limitless

Senate Votes for Warrantless Surveillance

Bush threatened Senator to prevent their vacation.

16 democrats and one independent (former democrat Lieberman) voted with the republicans.

"We're at war. The enemy wants to attack us," Lieberman said during the Senate debate. "This is not the time to strive for legislative perfection."

The Bush White House tabled its demands thus:

What Is Not Acceptable

Some have proposed that the Government must obtain pre-approval from a court before it conducts critical surveillance of targets located overseas. This is unacceptable. The Government must be able to act immediately, particularly in the case of national security emergencies, to protect the Nation.

Some have suggested that FISA must be reformed, but only to permit collection against certain overseas threats like al Qaeda terrorists. This is unacceptable. There are many threats that confront our Nation, including military, weapons proliferation, and economic, and we must be able to conduct foreign intelligence effectively on all of them.

Some have suggested that we must wait to modernize FISA. This is unacceptable. Congress must act now to give our intelligence professionals the tools they need to uncover plots in time to protect our homeland.

Some have suggested that a court order should be necessary before our intelligence professionals are able to gather any information about a foreign target who happens to contact someone in the United States frequently. This is unacceptable.


Joe Lieberman should be on

Joe Lieberman should be on trial for treason. hes a traitor to his own political party along with being a traitor to this country. i have a special kind of hatred for that hypocritical coward of a man.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

It is amazing that they

It is amazing that they continue to regurgitate the notion that FISA hamstrings immediate wiretapping "needs." FISA law permits immediate wiretapping with the meager provision that the paperwork be filed within 72 hours of its initiation.

Let's see...why would they want to do an end-run around FISA? So that NO paper trail exists to show that they are tapping members of Congress, dissidents, whistleblowers, journalists...

And this doesn't even begin to describe fully-automated data mining capabilities.

The roll call from last night's (11pm!) vote is not currently

listed on senate.gov. I'm sure the 16 proud, patriotic democrats who voted for this bill would love for us to know who they are, but they have a vacation they have to get to.

It is interesting to note that Trent Lott said he wouldn't want to be hanging around D.C. in August, due to a "general" terrorist threat. So if congress didn't pass this bill, not only would Bush suspend their vacations, but he would be putting them in mortal jeopardy by making them stay in the Capital during August.!

Isn't democracy beautiful?

They took it from the top to the bottom, we're gonna take them from the bottom to the top." - Dan Wallace

Here are the 16


Lincoln (D) - DLC
Pryor (D) - DLC
Feinstein (D) - DLC
Salazar (D) - DLC
Carper (D) - DLC
Nelson (D) - DLC
Inouye (D) - DLC
Bayh (D) - DLC
Landrieu (D) - DLC
Mikulski (D)
Klobuchar (D) - new seantor DSCC's chosen candidate.
McCaskill (D) - new senator Vice-chair of the Third Way
Nelson (D) - DLC
Conrad (D) - DLC
Casey (D) - new senator DSCC chosen candidate
Webb (D) - new senator DSSC chose candidate

Most of them are repeat offenders that we have swallowed excuses from for many years. And they fly under the rader.

that scumbag Bayh never

that scumbag Bayh never misses an oppurtunity to show how "centrist" he is. no surprises on that list(except maybe Webb), all the usual DLC Dems.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA