What is the status of the "smoking gun" evidence?

Several months have passed since Prof. Jones revealed his startling evidence that supposedly proves some sort of explosives/incendiaries were used in the demolition of the WTC 1,2 and 7. When I first viewed his presentation I was floored because this was the physical evidence we needed. Since then however I have heard little about it. Does anybody know what the status is with that? And what can we do to help speed up the process of getting this information out there and peer-reviewed? any ideas? Take care everyone, keep fighting the good fight

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And by the way, can any of these ever get published in actual mainstream science journals?

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Anyone come out to say, "I have confirmed the findings of Prof. Steven Jones", as opposed to, "I agree with the findings of Prof. Steven Jones?"

Prof. Jones says that he has tested the dust and found traces of thermate/thermite. Has he listed the companies that analyzed his data, or posted the "test results?" Has a second company verified their findings? A third company?

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Right, I would be very

Right, I would be very interested to get a hold of some of that information as well.