New Fake Al Qaeda Threat From Suspected American/Mossad Agent Adam Gadahn

No doubt will have a full report on this soon. See below for previous articles about "Adam Gadahn" and his fake Al Qaeda threats. Also, be sure to vote the story one star on Yahoo. -Yarrow

New al-Qaida video threatens embassies
By PAUL SCHEMM, Associated Press Writer

CAIRO, Egypt - An American member of al-Qaida threatened foreign diplomats and embassies across the Islamic world in a new video Sunday, saying they would targeted as "spy dens."

The 1 hour, 17 minute video also featured a computer-animated recreation of a March 2006 suicide attack that killed U.S. diplomat David Foy in Karachi, Pakistan, and testimony from a man who claimed to be the bomber.

"We shall continue to target you, at home and abroad, just as you target us, at home and abroad, and these spy dens and military command and control centers from which you plotted your aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq," said Adam Gadahn, a Californian also known as Azzan al-Amriki.


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I saw the video on TV this morning

My wife and I had the boob tube on this morning trying to see Barry Bonds hit his homer and to catch the weather report. Suddenly they hit us with the new Al CIA-da video crap. We both started to laugh. I wonder if there is still anyone who still believes that nonsense?

I wish the answer was 'no'

'I wonder if there is still anyone who still believes that nonsense?'

Oh, I'm afraid the answer is yes. And I don't just mean those remaining Busheviks, but also a fair number of oh-so respectable liberals and proponents of the 'blowback' theory of 9/11, who will view that and say, 'See, Bush's policies are making us less safe!!' The kind of people who accept that the administration has told numbers of humungous lies, but who just can't seem to let go of the notion of an ominous, autonomous, al Qaeda menace.