Post 2008, the wheels of justice won't be grinding about impeachment, but imprisonment and execution of 9/11 traitors

Post 2008, the wheels of justice won't be grinding about impeachment, but imprisonment and execution of 9/11 traitors

by W. Christopher Epler
August 3, 2007 OpEd

How easy to forget in this Bush/Republican phantasmagoria that traitors aren't just not re-elected or impeached, they are locked up and put to death. The neocon lobby (which has never lobbied for the national security of United States of America) would do well to remember this. To borrow a phrase from the orient, their "bad karma" is catching up to them as we speak.

It's time to 100% take off the gloves and see things like they are. In this last 6 to 7 years, study after study demonstrates that in 9/11 the Bush/Republicans weren't just asleep at the wheel, they were actively facilitating this national atrocity. God in heaven, there was a virtual BLIZZARD of warnings before 9/11, specifying the probable time, place, and methodology of the attack, but Bush was too busy playing cowboy at his ranch to be bothered, and Cheney (alias, Cheney/Halliburton) was too busy engineering the corporate take over of our government. Mussolini did basically the same during WW2 and indeed defined his Dictatorship as corporate fascism. Sound familiar? ...

... So, isn't it time for a universal solvent. Let's dissolve this fascist crap and SEE THINGS LIKE THEY ARE.

And that means BEGINNING with 9/11, since that is the ultimate scene of the crime of these political/religious denizens from hell.

EVERYTHING, 100% of what the Bush/Republicans have told us about 9/11 is self protective propaganda and until and if we get this horror show event in American history straight once and for all and all the way through, America will have no soul.


Truth and Reconciliation

This commentary, though filled with righteous anger, sounds more like the guillotine mobs clamoring for executions during the French Revolution. Bush was pretty good as an execution governor before he became president but that doesn't mean we on the 911 truth movement should condone his tactics. I call again on the exquisite example laid before us with Nelson Mandela's Truth and Reconciliation legislation. Truth telling and honesty are what's needed in gargantuan doses to remedy the sickness of government in America. The flip side of Truth is forgiveness. Yes you can have forgiveness with justice. We need trials and discovery efforts to bring everything out in the open. To resort to revenge and calls for executions is to employ the methods of our enemies and hence a methodology that has yielded a mountain of sad & toxic outcomes.
The Truth movement represents a tremendous opportunity for the moral evolution of the consciousness of America. If we truly deplore the official methods of death dealing then we shouldn't employ them in our good cause. Christopher Epler needs to consider this carefully.

Man John.

Man John. I was fired up after reading Chris's article and was going to Amen it in the comments. Then I read your comment and realized you are right. Anger and its counterparts are tempting in these situations and it's nice to be reminded that Truth should lead us into the end result of Love (and like you say forgiveness) rather than more anger and revenge. I am so ready and looking forward to Justice, but I appreciated reading your comment as well. Good reminder and good on ya'. Peace.

Regardless the truth has to come out. And if that is Bush's granddaddy's nazi influenced coup d' etat attempt than that is what needs to be done. Good intentioned article Chris and good perspective John.

Man John & Orangutan......

you guys are really level headed people! This is like when someone does a horrific act & it's reported on the news, the first reaction is to "kill that so & so, or hate is generated toward those types of people. One of the Bible verses that really made me reassess my outlook on this type of attitude is in Matthew, Chapter 24, verse 12.Please take into account that these are Jesus' words telling His Disciples about the FUTURE. He says: "Because of the INCREASE OF WICKEDNESS, the LOVE of MANY WILL GROW COLD." Isn't that goimg on in the world these days? Now, there will be many out there that will say that the Bible also says an' eye for an eye. Yes, it does say that. However, in my teachings of the Bible, Jesus came to fullfill the Law rather than bring condemnation to the world. He wants ALL people to have eternal life. Remember that Jesus hung out with the sinners & not the legallistic religious leaders. There was sin going on around Him all the time & He NEVER once said "Your going to hell if you keep going you way." He threw out suggestions & let the people make their own choice. He didn't blow anyone up with a bomb. He never denied any gays what they wanted to do. He only got REALLY upset when the MONEY-CHANGERS turned the House of Prayer into a shopping mall rather than a place of Worship. So good call Truthers> These neocons & their ilk WILL GET WHAT'S COMMING TO THEM. I just hope & pray that we will be able to have a hand in the justic that's way over due!!


"We need trials and discovery efforts to bring everything out in the open."

Sure, and after that, we need to execute the SOBs.

They do what they do because they can get away with it. They can always count on endless spirit of forgiveness of American people.

Consider this

Forgiveness is not what has been happening here in the US, vis-a-vis 9-11-01. Ignorance is.

Once people see how grossly manipulated we all are, the result will be fury. That is, if the majority of people here ever do see it. The blindness looks intentional.

I hope we can awaken people to it anyway, to the extent that we ourselves understand it.

If that awakening comes about, there will be no lack of fury, and no lack of desire for retaliation. I plan to do my best, if and when that comes, to help people to forgive. I like the way John explained it.

Forgiveness does not rule out appropriate legal measures to redress wrongs, and teach lessons too, as you say.

But, without forgiveness, IMO, no real change can come. The same 'rule-by-horror' system will remain. With different faces running the show, that's all.

As an example, where would South Africa be today if Nelson Mandela had set his people out on a retribution campaign, against the white former rulers and oppressors? It would just be one more Ruwanda today, one more Stalinist USSR, one more Bosnia or Darfur, with totally meaningless carnage heaping up everywhere, helping no one.

Indict Cheney

Nothing is going to happen until Cheney and Silverstein and all the rest are indicted of conspiracy to commit murder and misprison of treason.

Good food for thought, but...

Yes, 911 is definately a good place to start. It is a slam dunk case, just like the Anthrax. A new president could see to that.

But I dissagree with one or two small points in your position:

At the Liberation of Realism you say: "And while we're at it let's note again that in study after study and interview after interview with generals and the most highly placed intelligence officials, the international consensus is that America has NEVER been in such absolute danger from terrorism as we are now." Also elsewhere in your text you say: "And this is all in addition to the terrorist breeding grounds we have created all over the planet."

Do you still believe in the war on terror? If so then you also believe that 911 was an Outside Job and they let it happen. But then how do you explain the demolitions?

Also, I do not hear you say that the occupied populations of the ravaged lands have the recognized civilized right to resist invading fascist forces, and resist puppet tyrant regimes. We the People have already declared independance, remember?.

In the name of 911 truth and justice, I will go so far as to say that Amerika (and related poodles) should pay war damagesand the leaders tried in court for crimes against humanity, just like the Germans did. Such compensation should NOT burden innocent people. Such compensation can be covered by corporate assest confiscation, and the destitution of all participating local and international assistants and profeteers, including all shareholders of global terrorist companies, and that includes collaborating media and the other spies supporting the said terrorists.

And whle I am at it, I might as well say, I disagree with the death penalty. Cut off their noses instead, or put them away for life in one of their crummy prisons, like Bagram or Guantanamo,or jail them by a squalid puppet dictator. Water board them if you like, but we dont do torture (until death).

Still, your statements are powerful. I will read more on your site.


(Such compensation should NOT burden innocent people)

The correction has been made but I dont know how to delete this correction post


You must be kidding. There's not enough of a country left here for anything like this to happen.

Blaming everything

on Bush and the republicans is getting tired.
It fails to see the big picture, that the two parties work together and Bush is not very high up on the totem pole to make any major decisions. Focusing on Bush and the republicans is what they want us to do. Of course Bush and the republicans are guilty, but their bosses are the ones we need to focus on- the CFR and global elite crowd that truly runs the show.

"Our country's founders cherished liberty, not democracy."
-Ron Paul

Ditto, and more

Just like Orangutan I meant to hi-five Chris' op-ed piece. John's viewpoint then got to me too, just like him.

Chris, this is good and gutty writing. Thanks!

But the phrase, "the Bush/Republicans weren't just asleep at the wheel..." and similar ones, miss a crucial point. None of the current takeover could have occurred without massive complicity from across the aisle. So I find it hard to differentiate, generally at least, between Democrats and Republicans in this grotesque, continuing, and even growing mess.

Democrats as a group, in Congress at least, are basically as in on this as anyone, don't you agree? How otherwise can we explain the utter lack of attention to it, and to so very many other blatant atrocities, post 9-11 Shock and Awe show?

And now to change focus...

John's points about forgiveness and reconciliation surprise me with what looks, in my opinion, to be deep wisdom. One does not see that so very often these days, actual wisdom. Especially not on the Internet, nor in the media in general.

I do believe, with John, -- and now that he mentions it -- that there is no other way at all to end this madness. Find everything out, turn everything upside down, repair the gross rot, rebuild, and forgive. Start with real 9-11 investigation. Let prison terms result, as needed. But more important, let forgiveness also come, in great heaps.

As in South Africa, it is a whole sub-segment of society that is behind all of this. The ruling elite. The same was true in South Africa, and Mandella managed it there when he came to power. That's what we need. In fact, the world needs us to do that.

Let's try to get serious

about revolution.

It seems to me that this discussion betrays certain illusions about what it's going to take to achieve justice. Let me just suggest to everyone that they listen to Ralph Schoenman's remarks linked here.

And especially his comments regarding Peoples Grand Jury and other strategies:

Thanks for this post

He sounds like a preacher preaching the truth.

And many people are already convnced, thats why 911 has become a global movement.

For me it seems like the cold war all over agan. This time it is WE THE POEPLE against THEM.
Is that what you are saying?

Listen to this:

"US strategists, in an attempt to justify their military interventions in different parts of the World, have conceptualised the greatest fraud in US history, namely "the Global War on Terrorism" (GWOT). The latter, using a fabricated pretext constitutes a global war against all those who oppose US hegemony."

"The US has established its control over 191 governments which are members of the United Nations. The conquest, occupation and/or otherwise supervision of these various regions of the World is supported by an integrated network of military bases and installations which covers the entire Planet (Continents, Oceans and Outer Space). All this pertains to the workings of an extensive Empire, the exact dimensions of which are not always easy to ascertain."

For details and world maps:Review Article: The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases The Global Deployment of US Military Personnel

lesage is fully correct

lesage is fully correct here!

"In the name of 911 truth and justice, I will go so far as to say that Amerika (and related poodles) should pay war damagesand the leaders tried in court for crimes against humanity, just like the Germans did. Such compensation should NOT burden innocent people. Such compensation can be covered by corporate assest confiscation, and the destitution of all participating local and international assistants and profeteers, including all shareholders of global terrorist companies, and that includes collaborating media and the other spies supporting the said terrorists."

it is the people making profits from war that will be made to pay reperations, . and serve prison sentances based on level of involvment, or activist activites during the waring,. Only makes sence, in americas beloved 'market system', those that would choose to make profits from war shall pay the piper.
As far as the killing,. well, no peacenik is going to go savage, even on these PNAC sickos,. . first of all killing is wrong. we all know that. second don't you think it lets them off easy?!? I say; keep them alive as long as is medicaly possible,. lock them up in Gwantonamo,. turn the whole place into a sunny resort and PAY rent to Cuba! people could go there and have a few words with these killers,. threw some bars or glass,. for mutual protection. the whole prison should be brodcasting live video 24/7 so the world can see these guys live out their sad and pathetic lives,. .
How this will come about I don't know,. although I do see more and more zombified people waking up to the reality that PNAC pulled 9/11 and have thoroughly kicked the sht out of democracy, They simply find themselves traped in a system they are hoplessly dependent upon, . and now these same bankers prepare the collapse of the american ecconomy?!? is that the 'national emergancy' that will unlesh the Martial Law Police State? or perhaps it will come as a new pandemic spreads out of millitary instilations around the world,. . bleek i know,. however fits the profile. If a critical mass of people CAN DO ANTHING we need to reach it soon as if these sicko fascists greed mongers are not willing to let Hillary run a kinder cleaner version of this pogrum then they will pull some dirty trick in the next year.,

In spite of my reply to Dave

I do not hold a bleak view, I believe by law somehow, somewhere, the constitution still protects. What is needed is critical mass, just like the orange revolution, to kick them out. There are too many of us for them.