Scalable Vector-based Art for "General Strike" Poster

The creator of this graphic has made vector-based artwork available so you can make that 100 foot poster, t-shirts, etc.

Thanks, imgstacke.

Adobe Illustrator 8

Adobe Illustrator EPS


It's about time...

Someone thought to provide .eps files for something... I'd like to start seeing a lot more .PSD files as well.

Donate To 9/11 First Responders

Meetup, You Tube, My Space, Faceook...

Please post this image and info all over the web, including you local meetup.cpm group and local truth group, this is going to be big... real big...

duty is ours, consequences belong to god


Print small Leaflets and /or Flyers printed from home computers...Hand deliver them on foot to peoples mailboxes, JUST LIKE THE POSTMAN DOES, informing them of the coming industrial STRIKE action on 9/11/07 include the 9/11 website addresses, MANY SMALL FOOT SOLDIERS WILL WIN THE BIG WAR... GOOD LUCK.

T-Shirts Available Here

T-Shirts Available Here:


Thanks, I'll be printing it at least tabloid size :-)