911 Truth - You, Me and the SPP

911 Truth - You, Me and the SPP

Peter Zaza
August 7, 2007

I've got a question for Bush, Harper and Calderon. If you truly value democracy, the rule of law, and government by the will of the people, then why are you hiding in secret like rats scared to expose your plans to the light of day? Why not hold a referendum in all three countries and ask the citizens of this continent if they want to be unified, dissolve our national identities and borders, or share a common currency? But the leaders of these countries won't do that, because they are not democratically elected officials of free individuals living within any sort of constitutional democracy, they are instead fascist dictators who must bring the plans for unification into being according to an agenda - they are sock puppets who do the bidding of international bankers and the power elite of this world, and they must slither behind an ugly and brutal militia who will wield their clubs onto the heads of ordinary citizens - people who want nothing more than to have a voice by electing officials who represent them - that's what government is supposed to be about, isn't it?. If we had a real media with real investigative reporters, there would be a million questions and headlines and scandals and trials, but we do not, instead we have a propaganda machine owned by the military industrial complex, they are just like an infomercial that will tell you any kind of cheap disgusting lie while trying to get you to buy their stuff.

Agreements like the SPP should be null and void by the very nature of their incarnation, put forth by unelected officials, totally against the will of virtually all the citizenry, and only in the best interests of a select few. But it looks like they will push forward - and like some converging lines in a perspective drawing the currencies of all three nations will level off to a close approximation of parity until it's time for a new crisis induced by government - reaction will be people that are frightened, confused, and purposefully thrust into sudden panic mode, so big brother will step in with the resolution. Don't trouble yourself about the crashed economy we deliberately drove into the ground with our hegemonic wars of aggression and genocide - remember, war is good for business, and you've got your entertainment, your "bread and circuses". Don't be one of those conspiracy theorist nut jobs and get lopped in with that crowd, come over here my little children, we've got the shiny new Amero to solve the money problem, and a new global police force headed by the benevolent UN to keep the order, don't forget the new ID measures we will force upon you - or you can't drive, or travel, or be outside these lines after a certain time, or whatever else we want to say and make you do. Look at how docile you all were when we implemented the completely criminal "anti-terror measures" or the "no-fly lists" - or the way we dazzled your game-show blinded eyes with colour-coded alert schemes from the Department of Homeland Buffoonery. These poor bastards will let us do whatever the hell we want to them, and they will be so scared of being marginalized because of the beautiful psyche job we've done on them since birth through TV and all the rest of that crud we call mainstream media - they won't even kick up a fuss, or so some might think. But that's not really how I see it, and I truly do have a lot more faith in the common people of this world...

...911 Truth is the single most important issue in all our lives right now - as Canadians, as North Americans, and as a citizens of this planet. As long as we do not deal directly with this lie, we will continually be forced to play a part in all it's subsequent crimes, and pay the ultimate price of our freedom because of willful ignorance or moral cowardice. Our government tells us we are in Afghanistan because of the Canadians who lost their lives on 9/11 - and they believe the US government's "conspiracy theory" about Osama bin Laden and the 19 Muslim hijackers, without any real investigation or proof. Moreover, all signs point to the US government being complicit in the staging of this false flag operation. Do some research on these kinds of events, particularly all the declassified material, and then ask how they could do such a thing? Your answer will be something like - the same way it's been done a thousand times before. Ask yourself why they would remove all the material from the crime scene and withhold evidence. Does this make sense to anyone? Just think about it - let's pretend their fairy tale story is absolutely true - the planes hit the towers, the towers fell down - and what does reason then dictate as a course of action for the government of the USA? Would you cordon off the crime scene and go over the forensic evidence in a painstaking fashion in order to solidify the case against your attackers? or would you quickly remove and hide everything, which is supposed to be against the law. Would you ask all the first responders what they saw and heard, and then use that evidence to bolster your case, or would you place them all under gag orders and make them fight for 5 years just to get their stories told. Why would they do that? - are you still there? I want an answer to this one especially, because it seems fairly obvious that if you want a few hundred people to keep their mouths shut about what they saw and heard, the only possible explanation can be that you are hiding something and they are saying things you do not want people to know. Why is that? - it is only because the bombs which took the towers down were heard and felt by many people - bombs mean collusion - no longer tenable is the story of the 19 Arab guys with box-cutters - now we must explain how anyone could get inside those buildings and precisely plant the charges necessary to cause these monolithic structures to fall in an exact way. No other way is possible for these buildings to descend as they did except within the demolition model - that's what we see happening with all three buildings, that's what many people on the scene witnessed first hand - and yet that is the scenario which was not even explored by the bogus investigations sponsored by the criminals who committed the crime. Ask yourself why they would not consider a demolition model in their bought and paid for investigations, and then ask yourself why they didn't even mention Building 7 at all - or why the NTSB didn't do an investigation on these plane crashes, the first time that's happened. So many whys - so little investigation....


Great article

That's a great article. Oh boy do I identify with the apathy of the people. The apathy is making me sick to my stomach. I recently spent time amongst my siblings and their families and it was concluded that I've turned into some sort of fanatic, with my wife crying and embarassed on my behalf. As two small bombs are diffused in Glasgow and London, I remind them that about the 100 Afghan civilians that have died in the same week at the hands of the gung-ho american military. Did they know that? Of course not. Did they care? Did they hell. Why? Because these things happen in wars. Did they know the real reasons of the wars? Oh no, not another one of my conspiracy theories. Did they know about American foreign policy since the 1950's? Did they know NATO had killed Italians for example? Well, those are just opinions - depends who you read? Opinions? Oh come on, it's declassified government informatation that is now published and recorded even on Wikipedia. But Wikipedia isn't reliable, and anyway, every country makes mistakes. Mistakes? How many mistakes do they have to make before you realize there is something else going on here? And so it goes on and on and on. These are blind people, who do not wish to be cured of their blindness. You can't wake up people who are pretending to be asleep. My siblings, much as I love them, are just as guilty as Bush, Cheney, Blair, the Council for Foreign Relations, the Military Industrial Complex, and the big banking corporations. Unfortunately, the majority of the people who have been raised under the illusion that we the free people are the good guys of this world are unable to look beyond their noses. The future lies in our children, who we can teach to never trust whatever comes out of the mouths of the corporate media, although by the time they grow up it may be too late.

its sad isnt it? i too am

its sad isnt it? i too am looked at as some sort of radical or fanatic by many of my family members. they make all kinds of excuses for why im "so obsessed" with politics, "conspiracy theories" etc. i try to tell them its because i care. its really that simple for me, but they just dont get it.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Even worse.....

I don't care if they think i am crazy. The sad part is that they don't even consider to look and see for themselves. All one has to do is look and it all makes sence. Even more so if only a fraction of what i read is true(Same with the events of 9/11) the house of cards comes crashing down.


Boy do I agree with you. I guess we are all experiencing the same thing. Sometimes I wonder what it will take to make people see what is really happening here and around the world. If you study history the same thing happened to the German people before WW2. By the time they saw the light it was too late. All we can do is just keep trying. Thank God for the internet. At least we have a great tool to work with. That is more than the German people had. I have been at this for about four years and I do think we have made great progress. Eventually I think we will be successful. I just hope it happens before these madmen do too much damage. Our kids will pay a steep price if we don't stop them soon. As far as people talking about and calling me a nut job, I could care less. The truth is still the truth even if only one person believes it.

Dear maddog.......

........They underestimated the power of the internet. Rest assured one of thier top priorites is gaining control over it. Let's hope the truth is soon in coming.

Correct WISDOM

They sure did underestimate the power of the internet. Fatal blunder on their part. Too late now, even if they manage somehow to censor 9/11 truth on the net. The cat is out of the bag. Millions, like myself, have downloaded all the truth videos and burned them to disks. 9/11 truth is everywhere.

Thanks Rep........

That was great ! WAKE UP AMERICA !