Rochester Ny 9/11 Activist Arrested

My name is Wendy. I am an organizer for Rochester 9/11 Truth. I was
arrested (along with another 9/11 activist)at a demonstration yesterday
and my camera was confiscated.

I was told that if i identified the other people taking pictures i
would be allowed to keep my camera.

I am going to go to court. This just happened yesterday and I feel like
it would be very good to get this out ASAP..


Wendy, were you guys doing anything wrong?

Provoking fights or something? Can you tell us who arrested you, and what reasons they gave?

Keep us up to date -- and best wishes to you.
(Do you need help with legal costs?)

Update on Rochester 9/11 Activist...

To answer all of your questions:

I need help replacing my camera. I also need calls made to the property owner, Randy Kuhls office, and the D.A.

I do not have the number for the D.A just yet.

Fairport Police Numbers:
The number for Fairport Police is:
585 223-1740

Name of company who ordered arrest: (I'm still trying to get the guys name)
Welker Property Management Inc.

And just for good measure here is the number to Kuhls office.

220 Packett's Landing
Fairport, New York 14450
585 223-4760 (phone)
585 223-2328 (fax)

Here are some links to the story:

Of course none of these mention 9/11 at all, although I was there as an 9/11 Organizer, as well as IndyMedia (I had on my press pass). Mine was the only camera taken although cars were searched and another IndyMedia member had his camera forcefully taken, looked through, and then handed back.
The only account to mention the illegal confiscation of my camera and the attempt to have me "turn in" other people who were taking pictures :

another good one:

may of the facts are wrong in this one:
Also, I was on Alex Jones today and will be back on tomorrow.

Do you...

Need any help? Didn't I meet you in Arizona?

Donate To 9/11 First Responders


Thanks Wendy for standing up and good luck.

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