When will the "big crunch" come? Are you getting prepared?

I get the question frequently: “WHEN will the big crunch come?” Today I received via email from 9/11 researcher Nila S. the following prediction: “brace yourselves: The next major False Flag op’s just round the corner... They must—and will—strike before September 11...”

Let me open that question up-- how would you vote? Dig out your crystal ball and indicate your predictions of the “likelihood” the big crunch will be noticeable by the general public (I put my guesses along side as examples):
1. August or September 2007 (30%, sorry Nila)
2. By the end of 2007 (40%)
3. By June 30, 2008 (60%)
4. By the 2008 election (Nov.) (80%)
5. By the end of 2012 (99.99%)
6. Go ahead -- add a date and your likelihood prediction:

Even a 30% likelihood is enough to get me going on preparing... What else can I say to persuade you to get to store up some food, water, and warm clothes (just a start)?

Perhaps if I remind you of the Katrina aftermath -- hungry and poorly-cared for masses. Recall that the grocery shelves were emptied in a short time… We learned not to go bleatingly to FEMA camps, that’s for sure, and to store up a reserve of food and supplies -- in advance. Well, have YOU done so?

People in the 9/11 Community – and others -- are warning about “another 9/11.” Whether it comes as nuclear, biological or chemical, whether an inside or outside or outsourced job, the effect is much the same – you have to be prepared in advance to survive well.

Something could come first -- e.g., a “bird flu” epidemic that confines families in their individual homes has been foreseen... Quarantined... now that’s when we’ll be glad we have some food and water set aside, in our individual homes/caches.

Many are evidently complacent and think the US economy is robust. Jim Cramer on CNBC gets input on the true state of the economy and recently he shouted it out like it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWksEJQEYVU . Despite such warnings, Bernanke/Fed today kept the prime rate the same. My advice: get out of the stock market and get out of debt as quick as you can.

I talk about getting prepared often, and many in the 9/11 Truth community are getting ready – that is heartening to me. My attitude is – once I’m prepared, I don’t have to worry about WHEN the next disaster will happen. Lately I’ve been working on a “3-month rotating food supply” as well as adding to my long-term food storage.

Our little town near the hills has folks who are getting ready in droves (from what I can see). Preparedness meetings more or less weekly these days in town. There’s a sense that “something is coming soon.” People are talking about it…

You’re motivated, right? So here’s the short list. When you check these off, you might want to go to preparedness sites for more suggestions (see point 10).

1. Water, at LEAST 30 gallons per person in your home. Consider using plastic bottles commonly used for juices and soda, or 50-gallon containers. Baby-wipes for cleaning yourself off if showers are limited.

2. 3-month rotating food supply based on your normal, daily diet. One way to do this is to purchase a few extra items each week and gradually increase your supply until it is sufficient for three months. I’m seeking for “voluntary simplicity,” before it becomes involuntary…

3. Years’ supply of food: “For longer-term needs, and where permitted, build a supply of food that will last a long time and that you can use to stay alive, such as wheat, white rice, and beans. These items can last 30 years or more when properly packaged and stored in a cool, dry place.” http://www.providentliving.org/fhs/pdf/WE_FamilyResourcesGuide_International_04008_000.pdf I have sprouting seeds (lentils, alfalfa, etc.) that I will use to get FRESH veggies, even in winter. A rifle for hunting and fishing gear would be wise.

4. Warm clothing, including hats for all. And consider a wood-burning or kerosene stove. If the electricity goes out, your gas furnace won’t work either – the thermostat and fan use electricity. Large roll of plastic sheeting (at least 4 mil) and duct tape, rope.

5. A little money: greenbacks or silver. (I prefer silver rounds from a coin store. Which do you think will hold its value better over the long haul? Federal reserve notes/IOU’s or silver, gold?) Banks may close for awhile. Trading for what you need? Your neighbor has some antibiotic stored up (for some reason), and you have rope or silver coins to trade...

6. Get out of debt, especially credit-card debt if you possibly can. Interest rates are going up as the housing market and US dollar head down…

7. Needed medicines; talk to your doctor. Consider herbs and essential oils if that is your approach.

8. Books, tapes, things you enjoy. Have some humor around to brighten the day.

9. Solar lamps. I have a bunch of the ones you put out during the day, bring in at night. Flashlights and batteries. Candles and matches. . And a solar cooker for heating and cooking food and pasteurizing water. It can even be used as a “refrigerator” at night (see ProfJones.com).

10. There’s lots more we can do – see this list (with recommendations and links to help): http://www.joelskousen.com/Secure/recommended.html

No, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I’ll breathe easier when you all are prepared, soon. Clearly, 9/11 changed everything. And many of us think that 9/11 truth will change it again – eventually for the better! Another Renaissance. And not with just a few surviving wealthy ones either, after the clean-up.

Get prepared – you don’t want to miss out on where we can go, together.

Comments on anything above would be appreciated.
Steven Jones

Definitely before 2008 election

and probably before 2008.

The rationale makes sense to me: if the Bushies want to bomb Iran and extend their neocon "refashioning" of the Middle East insanity, they will have to do so before the end of 2008, which suggests they will need a provocation by then. They've been bombarding the media with "leaked" intelligence warnings almost every other day since the beginning of summer. Bush has also been hard at work conflating Al Qaeda, Iran, and Iraqi "insurgents," a rhetorical ploy that basically equates the actions of any one of these groups with the other two.

The neocons know they need another attack in order to show that 9/11 was not an anomaly, and in order to give credence to their "war on terror" mythology. If this doesn't happen before the 2008 election, the Repubs will be crucified at the polls (if the vote isn't rigged again).

Quite frankly, I'm terrified of these guys because everything they believe, and everything they have done, points to their willingness to make sure the 9/11 myth comes to define the next 50 years. Whether it's Zelikow's "public myths" or the neocon "noble lie," this is a group dedicated to "making history," not letting history happen to them.

Maps - Orienteering Maps if

Maps - Orienteering Maps if you live anywhere near mountains and foothills, these show topography and elevations.


hand cranking radio / flashlight

here's an article explaining how to use clear soda bottles (1 liter/2 liter variety) to sterilize water...

Hope for the best - Prepare for the worst.

Good comments --

I agree that by end-2008 is very likely...

Imgstacke -- great idea using the soda bottles. I wish to give it a try, see if the temp is high enough to pastuerize --\

72 C for 30 seconds -- (http://www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp/2006/03/24/lowtech_solar_water_puri...)

That is, is 72 C reached in a soda bottle with water, on a dark surface in direct sun, in one hour? Experiment needed...

And I need a map of our mountains nearby... [grin]