Band: Contents Under Pressure - "New Pearl Harbor"

This is a fantastic song by a really fresh band with a lot talent, check it out!

Contents Under Pressure - New Pearl Harbor

Their post-Louderfest '07 performance at The Pub.

He was just another New York City kid
and he became a firefighter like his daddy did
And he raised up his own little boy
And he died in Manhattan because of a government ploy

She was a cop and she was good at her job
With two kids at home, you know she was a single mom
She was called to work on a September day
And when the towers fell on her it took her life away.

It's all cause they needed new Pearl Harbor
Just a filthy fucking reason to go to war
And they made a trillion dollars
And they killed Americans by the score

He was from small town America
Quit school when he turned 18 and then he joined up
He found the truth in Afghanistan
Wrapped up in a rubber sack for Uncle Sam

She was the mother of two sent across the sea
They wrote letters home about once a week
One month went by, the letters were no more
Just a man with two flags knocking at her door


He was a young aspiring businessman
A wife and a family, that was his plan
But his dreams, they were ripped away
When the towers fell on him that September day

He was soldier that already served a tour
And they said, that's not enough, you're going back for more
He begged and he pleaded, "Please, don't make me go!"
And now his wife is praying that he'll come home.



Get thee to a Recording Studio....

...and let's have a definitive version posthaste....

"Rockin' " indeed. The sort of thing Springsteen should be writing and releasing right now. Very cool.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars