Bridge Collapse In Minn.

Regarding the unfortunate collapse of that bridge in Minn. the media reports that there is going to be a thorough investigation into this deadly mishap. What's up with that? We couldn't even get a REAL investigation into 9/11 'cause all the evidence was shipped over seas & the commission was trumped up from the begining. Must be the State that's going to conduct it, because the Federal government is too messed up to do an investigation correctly. If the Feds did do one they would probably come up with some "theory" that there were too many birds that landed on the thing & the wind was blowing just right to cause it to collapse. I DO NOT mean to disrespect those families that have lost loved ones in this terrible incident, or make light of the situation. My point is, that this should show everyone who believes that the Federal government lied about what happened that fateful day should ban together as UNITED STATES & do our own investigation! We're not the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA anymore, we're just America. Time to be UNITED again for the sake of our children & their children! We owe 'em that much!
Thanks for letting me exercise my 1st Amendment Right! ( While I've still got it! )