Ron Paul supporters:

Ron Paul supporters:

Please vote at Iowa's newspaper Ames Tribune online straw poll here:


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Three Shoes Posse - Ron Paul Is Here

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Spread the word! Many hands make light work! EMA: educate, motivate, activate.
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Every little bit helps. Congressman Paul is starting an add campaign and needs our help in the form of donations. There may also be time to hop on as an unpaid volunteer to make phone calls to the citizens of Iowa encouraging them to vote in the straw poll this Saturday. Just send Paul your name and e-mail, and they will send you a phone list. I have made many phone calls, and it has been an incredible experience. Iowans are very pleasant people, not a negative call yet!

Hop on as a volunteer anyway, he needs our support!

Ron is kicking A**

1434 for Ron Paul. No one else has even broke a 100