911 Special effects

I send this letter to both the pilots for 911truth and the ae911truth sites.
I there is anybody here from either sites or some of the other scholars for 911 truth they are cordially invited to help me on the subject.

This is the letter:

Together with my husband I ran a SFX company for 18 years.
Nothing glamorous, no big blockbusters, just a lot of hard work, long days and nasty deadlines.
We worked primarily in the advertisement world and did what is called table top SFX. We made moving models, computer animated in the real world, in preparation for the compilation of the filmed material with film editing software.

Still, we kept abreast of all the latest big screen effects and we always if only for the fun of it analyzed the sfx movies we saw.
After we stopped with our company in search of a more relaxed lifestyle, I was able to become a full time 911 researcher and I now run a blog (see signature).

I am also working on analysing what was obviously one of the most spectacular SFX productions of all times: the events of 911!

I try to put the events together from an SFX engineer's point of view.
Like in; how would I analyse the storyboard of 911. What team would I need to pull the job of. How could I maximise the chaos and the damage on the national psyche and the people on the ground who are not supposed to ever figure out what really happened etc.

As I only have one shot at it, it being a real world event I have to treat it like a theater SFX production. After all you have to do your effects real in a theater.
In the course of this analysis I have hit a snag.

I want to make sure that the planes really enter the buildings, and I'm not sure if the walls (steel exoskeleton) are weak enough to actually allow the plane bodies to enter the building. After all the planes are built in aluminium and steel normally is much stronger. I speculate that the motors would be heavy enough to penetrate the walls successfully but that the rest of the plane might actually disintegrate on impact and that is not what the storyboard depicts and it would not believably set into motion the collapse sequence.

My request for help is as follows: Is there anybody among the pilots who is able to help me with the maths? (That being one of my weaker points)
Is there anybody amongst you with the time and the know-how to help me on this one? I very serious and intend to submit the final analysis to the journal of 911 studies in order to allow others to gain inside on how the events could have been staged.
This means I have to take every issue very serious, and research it meticulous.
You will be named as the researcher of that part of the analysis.
I will sent this letter also to the ae911truth group.
And hope to find a architect who can help as well.

In the hopes of getting a possible reaction, I remain with kind regards,


I don't understand your question

"I want to make sure that the planes really enter the buildings, and I'm not sure if the walls (steel exoskeleton) are weak enough to actually allow the plane bodies to enter the building."

What buildings? The towers? The answer is YES, the planes collided with the towers. There is no TV Fakery or holograms or other FX. Thousands witnessed it. Many amateur videos captured it. There is no mass media conspiracy to insert SFX.

If you are thinking of pursuing other disinfo hoaxes, I would suggest you save your energy and invest it in other 9/11 Truth questions.

Planes in the buildings

I'm convinced real planes "collided" with the towers. The thing is; colliding is exactly right, but they are seen entering the buildings and I want to make sure that was possible.
Nobody has asked the question and if they could not have in fact entered the building than a case could be made for the "assisted" collision or the "pod" theory.
This is I feel a scientifically correct way to answer important questions, as it would make a stronger case for our conspiracy theory.
If the planes were able to penetrate the exoskeleton than that theory becomes moot.
I posted this letter on the pilots for 911 truth site and got some answers already with one reaction stating emphatically that the nose dome and the fuselage in front of the wings would not have been able to enter the steel exoskeleton. The nose dome of a Boeing is made of fiberglass and the fuselage is made mostly of relatively light aluminium.
My question now is if the the front of the fuselage was in fact unable to penetrate the exoskeleton than how come we see the front of the planes seemingly effortlessly entering the buildings before they explode. We should be able to calculate this mathematically leaving no space for doubt or theory. It's just that I'm no good with maths.
Mass x speed = force for example but also steel+ inertia will resist impact. So a math professor and architect an a pilot working on this question would be great

Also I don't like being bullied into silence with intimidating language and threat's of disinfo hoaxes etc. I want to get my analysis scientifically right in every aspect.
If you read my letter correctly you would have noticed that my experience as model maker and SFX engineer was in real world effects. I have no experience with computer effects what so ever and that I'm looking for real world solutions based on real world science.
I ask my questions and request answers from those who are scientifically schooled to answer those questions.

This is the link to the pilot site were I posted have a look: http://z9.invisionfree.com/Pilots_For_Truth/index.php?showtopic=8312
Also check my "word of warning" on my website crazyrichguy.