Australian History Channel to Show "9/11 Press for Truth" on 9/11/07

I don't know if this applies to North America as well, but according to this Australian news outlet the History Channel will show 9/11 Press For Truth in primetime on 9/11/07:,21598,22209802-5005382,00.html

Here is the schedule for that day, as described by the History Channel:


A fascinating documentary detailing how the Oval Office has handled war throughout its history. Beginning with President Bush’s declaration ‘On My Order’ of war on Iraq, the program also looks at previous conflicts, Presidential addresses and actions such as Pearl Harbour.


A gripping, dramatic look at the extraordinary events of September 11, 2001 – not just this infamous day in history, but also how this day came to be through the dramatic stories of people whose lives converge at a moment when history turns. Countdown to Ground Zero is the story of Al Qaeda's agents as they plan and execute the most deadly strike on the US since the bombing of Pearl Harbour. It is a strike that takes months of meticulous and secretive planning and a plot so horrific and shocking that few in the Bush or Clinton Administration thought it possible.

1:30pm - 9/11 CONSPIRACIES

Could a government missile have hit the Pentagon? Could the World Trade Centre Towers have been brought down by a series of government-sponsored controlled demolitions? Did the Bush Administration perpetrate the attacks to advance its own interests? As outrageous as these ideas may sound, a growing number of people believe them. An Internet search for ‘9/11 conspiracy theories’ yields nearly two million hits. While the most extreme conspiracy theorists make up only a fringe element of society, the Internet helps to spread their ideas quickly and widely and dozens of books have been published on various theories.


This documentary explores the life of the world's number one arch enemy, Osama Bin Laden. Filmed in 10 countries around the world, it traces Bin Laden's rise through the Jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan to his present incarnation.

5:30pm - GROUNDED ON 9/11

In response to the attacks on September 11, 2001, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) orders all planes out of the air. US and Canadian air traffic controllers face a calamity of epic proportions – how to safely re-route and land 6,500 planes carrying close to a million people. For individual air traffic controllers, the work is chaotic, intense, and deceptively simple: pick a new route for each flight; radio instructions to turn; listen for pilot confirmation; hold traffic to keep airways from overcrowding. From Cleveland, Ohio to Gander, Newfoundland, controllers on September 11 search for alternate airports to land large jets even as their traumatized colleagues stream back from break rooms after watching the attacks on TV.


The Miracle on Stairway B tells the story of how 12 fire fighters, three office workers and a Port Authority cop lived through the devastating collapse of the North Tower, survived for hours under half a million tonnes of debris and then were rescued when all hope seemed lost. In this incredible feat of human survival, this documentary chronicles the chain of uncanny coincidences and bizarre events that enabled these individuals to stay alive when so many were dying all around them.

7:30pm - 9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH

9/11: Press For Truth is the story of a small circle of relatives of the September 11 victims, including four grieving widows from New Jersey – known as ‘The Jersey Girls’. Together they battled the White House for over a year after 9/11 to force an independent investigation. However, on the completion of the enquiry, the families found that 70 per cent of their questions remained unanswered. Charged with emotion and new revelations, this documentary dramatically retraces their quest for truth and the disturbing answers they uncover.

9:30pm - CRIME SCENE 9/11

The New York 9/11 terror attacks were the largest act of mass homicide ever in the United States. The detectives of NYPD's elite Crime Scene Unit (CSU), led by Detective Joe Blozis – one of the unsung heroes of 9/11 – arrived at Ground Zero just as the South Tower fell. He describes how, after narrowly escaping death, he declared the area a major crime scene. The CSU immediately began scouring Lower Manhattan for evidence for a future trial.


But they would pick the country furthest AWAY from the U.S.

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we of Australia are waking

we of Australia are waking the masses! and our media is not as controlled as yours....
that is to say its 90% controlled not 100%
have no fear 9/11 truth is alive and well and growing stronger in the great land of oz!
our government is introducing new laws that follow but are not as wide spread as your patriot acts!
the last person to allow a 9/11 truth vid to be aired on tv got into alot of trouble so we will see what happens with this....
chin up brothers and sisters we are wining!
make us proud this coming anniversary i look forward to seeing the American people take back there country and direction!!!!!

my children are not cannon fodder for the n.w.o.