2.0 Goes Live

The new site goes live today.

If you're a truth activist and you would like to be a correspondent for, register an account on the site and send us an email letting us know. As a correspondent you will be able to post headlines to the site featuring your action reports as well as other news items, articles, graphics and videos that are highly relevant to truth activism. We are looking for at least one correspondent from each location where there is action on the Eleventh. We are also looking for state representatives. More on that soon.

I'll be on the Jack Blood show today to talk about the new site and encourage everyone to join us for the big weekend of action.


Great Job YT and all at

The website is looking SWEET !!!

Best wishes and good luck !!!

Thanks veritas!

I wanna give a shout to CV who helped so much getting this new thing together - massive thanks!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

New site looks DOPE!! Much

New site looks DOPE!! Much cleaner, great job!!!!

Thank you Mr Styles!

And you thought I was going to leave the site a mess forever didn't you haha

Here's a file of the Jack Blood show: mp3

I'm on for the second hour, the first hour is John Schroeder the firefighter and his reunion with William Rodriguez who saved his life at the WTC. It's pretty amazing.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month