Zelikow Confronted! But He Wouldn't Answer My Questions ; )

Paul Zarembka, editor of The Hidden History of 9/11, and Roy and Karen Harvey of www.snowshoefilms.com confronted 9/11 Report novelist Philip Zelikow on August 9th during a lecture at the Chautauqua Institution in Buffalo, NY.

Paul had emailed me last week asking what questions I would like to ask Zelikow. Below is my reply, followed by Paul's description of the event.

[from Kevin Barrett]


Here are some questions for Zelikow. Feel free to attribute them to me if you want.

Does he still consider himself an expert on "the creation and maintenance of public myths" as his Wikipedia biography last year said; if so, can he comment on his pathetic attempt to construct and maintain the "public myth" of 9/11; and if not, how did that description end up in his Wiki biography, and why was it taken down?

Was his 1998 article in Foreign Affairs speculating on the psycho-political-cultural effects of a massive Pearl Harbor style terrorist incident in the US such as the destruction of the World Trade Center just a lucky guess, or did he know something the rest of us didn't?

Does his statement that the real reason for the war in Iraq was to protect Israel, and that this reason "dare not speak its name" because it is "not a popular sell" to the American people, mean that it's okay to lie to the American people in order to fool them into sacrificing 50,000 American lives (so far) for Israel--not counting those murdered on 9/11?
[note: I am not convinced that Zelikow's suggestion that the 9/11 wars are ONLY motivated by Zionism is correct...but he needs to be called on it! -KB]

In light of his apparent foreknowledge of 9/11, his direction of the coverup, and his admitted complicity in lying to the American people in order to murder over 50,000 Americans for the sake of a foreign state to which the US is not even allied...how soon does he expect to find himself dangling from the end of a red white and blue rope?

Dr. Kevin Barrett

Coordinator, MUJCA-NET: http://mujca.com
Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth

Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie

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[from Paul Zarembka]


Roy and Karen Harvey of www.snowshoefilms.com -- great material there --
joined me at Chautauqua Institution yesterday for the Zelikow lecture and
some interesting things happened. First, Karen and Roy distribued a pink
leaflet which they and some community activists had prepared, alerting
people to the lecture.

Second, there was radio interview of Zelikow before his 10:45 lecture.
At the end of that, Roy and I both were able to ask one question each and
have clear video footage. I went first and asked how the 9/11 Commission
could just take the names of hijackers without interrogating at all the
accuracy of the list, particularly since up to 11 were reported alive
thereafter. He replied that they had a lot of background material they
couldn't put in, seemingly for space reasons. He also claimed (a lie)
that none of their family members had claimed thereafter as to their being
alive. I replied that this is not correct and that the identities are
BASIC to how the world had moved since 9-11 and that if it were otherwise
the world would be much different. (I held THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF
9-11-2001 in a manner he could not miss -- and he didn't!). At this point
he made mistake, probably because he thought he was in polite company.
He replied that that would be correct! He went on to claim that that
would be in another world (implying, but not saying, that that would be
the world of the 'conspiracy theorists'). He continued to make noises and
finally I ended by simply saying that the Commission had not proven its

(Continued after the jump.)

His handler tried to end everything at that point, but Roy got in a
question about why WTC7 was not even mentioned by the Commission, even
though it was not hit by a plane and fell in 6.5 seconds. He replied that
NIST did a very extensive investigation of the fall of the towers. Roy
then pushed on WTC7 specifically and Zelikow simply stopped answering.

When we got to the talk, the President of the Institute announced that
there are people in the audience who may intend to disrupt Zelikow's
lecture, that Zelikow is a guest of the Institute and that if any such
thing happened, the person(s) would be told to stop and, if s/he didn't
they would be forcefully removed. We learned later, privately, by a
direct question to the President, that Zelikow has been 'heckled' at the
radio interview -- which was NOT correct. Anyway, we had NO such plan,
but they showed their nervousness.

I won't summarize his talk in this email, but we expected three more
opportunities for questions. First, after his lecture, he took questions
-- but they had to be written and handed to the handler (actually, this is
rather common practice for major lectures at the Institute -- I hadn't
know that). Of course, none of our questions were heard.

Second, he was supposed to answer private questions after the lecture,
behind the stage -- that was canceled because he had been 'heckled'!

Third, a book signing was to happen. It was also canceled (although it
was raining heavily by that time and could be a portion of the

The lecture itself will be on the web in a couple of weeks, but Karen did
get SOME of it already. That's a whole different issue, I cannot cover
it here.

Thanks to those who sent me questions! Something transpired!

Paul Z.

(Vol.23) The HIDDEN HISTORY of 9-11-2001 "a benchmark in 9/11 research"
Research in Political Economy, P.Zarembka, ed, Elsevier hardback
********************** http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/PZarembka

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On Thu, 2 Aug 2007, Paul Zarembka wrote:

Philip Zelikow will be speaking some 75 miles from Buffalo, NY, one week
from today, 10:45 am. at the Chautauqua Institution as part of their
summer lecture series. This series is on "Security and Preparedness". A
specific topic for him is not mentioned, but he is listed as "Philip
Zelikow, prof. of history, Univ. of Va.; immediate past counselor, U.S.
State Dept.; exec. dir. of 9/11 Commission" - see www.ciweb.org/week7.html

I MAY go, depending partly if anyone has a really great question to ask
Zelikow, a question even he would have trouble evading and we learning
something. Any takers? The Chautauqua Institute is probably an excellent
place for a surprise (for those who know it).

Paul Z.

(Vol.23) The HIDDEN HISTORY of 9-11-2001 "a benchmark in 9/11 research"
Research in Political Economy, P.Zarembka, ed, Elsevier hardback
********************** http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/PZarembka

Dr. Barrett -

I have met and spoken with you a few times, most recently in Vancouver. You are one of my favorite public faces of the 9/11 truth movement.

That said, you frequently make reference to hanging the 9/11 perps. Is this simply a rhetorical flourish or do you support the death penalty? Do you think that these references are good public relations?

I understand and share your anger, although I am not a Muslim and thus I do not belong to a group that is being so monstrously demonized (although, I am a white American male, lol). Actually, the more I read about Islam the more interested I am in studying it. Perhaps the next time we meet we can talk about this over a meal.

I hope that you and yours are all well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Barrett: Reporting on 9/11 conference distorted and libelous

Kevin Barrett: Reporting on 9/11 conference was distorted and libelous

"As the example of Nuremberg suggests, journalists who act as propagandists for war crimes may one day find themselves on the scaffold. You would be well advised to strive for more balanced and accurate coverage in the future."

I fully agree with Leftwright.

I believe that the 9/11 truth movement should stand for Justice--not open calls for "scaffolds".

I think you should apologize to this journalist.

His piece was not deserving of these accusations, and your open threats serve no purpose other than to make the 9/11 truth movement look irrational and spiteful.


In fact I would instead THANK this journalist for refraining from commenting on the "tv fakery" and "DEW", masquerading as 9/11 "skepticism" and resisting the obvious temptation to smear the entire movement.

Thankfully, he chose not to.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."