Take to the streets NOW!! 8/11

Time to get out on the street's today people. It's the weekend so there is no excuse. Everybody get to http://www.truthaction.org/ and find your local event. Also once we are done with the actions today, it is of paramount importance that we post details of actions at TruthAction.org We need to continue to build the momentum of these actions with inspirational photo's and videos. When people see the monthly actions, they will be completely geared up for 9/11/07. Peace to everybody going out. TAKE ACTION TODAY!!!


Warning of another false flag incident

I was shocked to discover that a former Reagan official is warning of another false flag operation this summer involving a nuclear explosion in a US city, as an excuse to declare martial law. Unfortunately it makes far too much sense to dismiss it as fantasy. Consider this. Whoever was responsible for 911 (inside the US. government) must be losing sleep over the possibility that they (or their supporters) will be voted out of power in the 2008 election. The only way that these people can protect themselves from exposure, is to throw out the Constitution and cancel all further elections ie. a dictatorship and police state.

As my username says, I'm scared to death that the slide into fascism has already gone past the point of no return. I do have one suggested strategy that those of us who want to stop this slide might want to consider. Perhaps its time to pressure specific individuals who have a suspicious connection to 911 such as Zelikow, Guliani, larry Silvertein, etc. and bombard them with emails, faxes, letters demanding that they blow the whistle on the conspiracy as a way of saving their own skins (via immunity from prosecution) when the truth finally does come out. I would expect that the NSA will monitor this message traffic and report it to the Powers That Be. If nothing else, it will make them nervous and maybe, just maybe they will postpone the next attack.

So there's my 2 cents worth.

Great day in Boston!

We had a great August Eleventh in Boston today. I reached dozens of people myself and we gave out 100s of DVDs and loads of literature. Pictures were taken by others and they should appear soon. Even the people who have "served" in the US military and those with family members "serving" were open to learning. Get off the computer and out there on the streets folks. The people aren't going to come to us -- we must go to them.