11th August - Sydney Street Action

Today's action at Sydney Town Hall was great. We had an opportunity to talk to many people. Many DVD's were taken. The atmosphere in Sydney is quite receptive to questioning the official story of 9/11 and many people who were merely passing by indicated they were aware of the Truth movement.

Thanks again to Y. for the video shoot and editing.


Note from JB:

Sincere thanks to all that came to work and all that listened to our call for further investigation!

Final count of people that turned out specifically for the action was around 13 and we had 3 appologies that I recieved and I beleive Hereward also recieved a few appologies. 20 is possible! We will split up if we sustain these sort of numbers in future and I think Circular Key could be the go or as Hereward has suggested maybe Hyde Park so we're not too far from each other?

Thanks Erik for the great burning and branding job you did on our 911oz DVD compillation and a big thanks to Nick for creating it! It is great to know we now have a tower of truth that can pump out hundreds of DVD's in short order.

A very special thanks to Y for a big effort while recoperating from his ongoing illness, he came and worked very hard and also produced another excellent video!

Great effort for our friend Garry to turn up from Adelaide, comittment plus!!

I estimated we handed out close to 300 DVD's in three and half hours!

Excellent effort!!

Editor - www.911oz.com

Editor - www.911oz.com

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(: Hereward
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go the sydney team!!!

not only has Sydney done a great job but many other area's of Australia have had action in one form or another!!! every month its spreading and everyone reports growing support and attracting more and more concerned citizens! know good people of America that u are not alone in either your struggle or your dilemma!
this is global! they have plan's for the whole world so we need to reach every corner! silence and inaction are not a option! if u have ever felt the need for someone to do something then all u need to do is realize u are someone!!! good luck all!

my children are not cannon fodder for the n.w.o.

Global Truth! I love it.

Global Truth! I love it.

I have a suggestion ...

I have a suggestion that seemed to work well for me yesterday. I was standing on a street corner in the Clifton area of Cincinnati (near The University of Cincinnati) holding my new sign. The sign read "9/11 Truth Ends This War. Free 9/11 Dvds Here". Because I was making it obvious that I was giving away free 9/11 dvds many people stopped on foot , drove by slowly in their vehicles to get a dvd and some even got out of their cars to walk over and pickup a dvd and flyer. Some people said they were already well aware of 9/11 Truth, others drove by and gave me the thumbs up. Of course I also had the obligatory few who drove by and gave me the finger too.

Anyway, displaying the 'free 9/11 dvds here' as part of my sign worked much better than my previous sign that simply said "Expose The 9/11 Coverup". Good luck to all of you and thank you for your activism.

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

Great Job!

Just goes to show that one person can make a difference.

Great job guys. BTW thanks

Great job guys. BTW thanks for wearing the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference T-shirt as well.