9/11 As A Benefit

You may have heard that Philadelphia Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky recently wrote that a new 9/11 is what we need in order to re-unify this country.

I think what's interesting about his assertion is that he is willing to have 1000's of people murdered because it would be beneficial in his eyes.

How much different is that than what we are saying with regard to the Bush Administration and the first 9/11 (and hopefully the last)? Is it such a stretch to say that the Bush Administration was willing to have 1000's of people murdered because it was beneficial to them in that it allowed them to invade two countries illegally, it gave them unprecedented powers that go against the Constitution of the United States, it has given billions of dollars to their corporate friends, and it has given them "carte blanche" for policies that do not benefit the people, but instead the Military Industrial Complex? No, it isn't.

What Stu has shown us is that people ARE capable of looking at an event like 9/11, and seeing it as "beneficial." What Stu has shown us is that people ARE capable of WANTING something like 9/11 to happen in order to further an agenda.

The Bush Administration are suspects for the crimes of 9/11. Please do not tell me that this isn't true based on the idea that they would never be able to do such a thing, or even think of such a thing.

I can guarantee you that seeing something like 9/11 as beneficial is not unique to Stu Bykofsky. Not by a longshot.


"Unity" was also a benefit for the Bush Administration. "Unity" among the American people that allowed the invasion of Afghanistan, and to a lesser extent, the invasion of Iraq.

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Truly disturbing

The Bushites are so desperate to see their delusional worldview affirmed, they are giving public expression to their treasonous bloodlust. Bykofsky's column is unnerving, because it gives popular expression to the fascist drift. People like this can't come out and say they want fascism, so they mask their authoritarian desire in thinly veiled treason ("We don't want fascism, but wouldn't it be great if a foreign Other gave us a reason for fascism...").

This is true to the neocon mindset, however, in the way it wants lies to become reality. The War on Terror is self-fulfilling, for the same reason. Right now, the Clash of Civilizations thesis is a bogus pretext for expansion of Empire. But if the neocon establishment manages to extend the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and then bomb Iran, they will continue to provide genuine reasons for millions of Arabs and Muslims to strike at America. And when they inevitably strike (as they should), or when the neocons manufacture a false flag attack, the neocons will say, "See, told you so."

The other disturbing piece of media in the past few weeks was the Weekly Standard's propaganda about the "9/11 Generation." They're taking Zelikow's public myth to the next level, creating a generational identity for a generational conflict (both, of course, neocon inventions).

Got post! Shame such posts

Got post! Shame such posts are necessary!

Hollywood makes war and killing people acceptable.

Killing from a distance is shown as acceptable. Bankers do it the best. Their interest forces unbearable living conditions for the many, it is the original source of injustice and murder.

TV rarely shows real blood and real wounds.

The Media in general focus on BUSINESS... and killing is often business that is intentionally given a business-like showing.

It would be a different world if The Media were to focus on people, workers, trade unions and victims, if it would show mayhem and strife for what is is:

more important than business.

The next 911 may come in form of a natural distaster.... Hurricaines for example.


I see he's all over the "circuit" now. He was on John Gibson's show as well. The funny thing is, THIS guy that called for the murder of 1000's of more people is treated with respect, and dignity by the pundits, whereas WE are the ones that are treated as "crazy."

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