Atlanta911truth Street Action 8/11/07

The Atlanta911truth street action in front of and around the CNN center and "freedom" park in Atlanta.

Nice day for some TRUTH !!!

Great Job Atlanta, great tune too !!!

Would have been COOL to hack into that BIG screen outside CNN with a nice looping WTC7 smoking gun ;-[)

Best wishes

Way to go Truth Troopers.

Way to go Truth Troopers.

sweet! and sour..,

looked like a nice day,. but why are their not MANY more people out to spread the word? Have too many people just given up? Oh well,. suppse people get what they deserve If they just don't want to be bothered with the truth. Let the empire create reality and then be doomed to live in the creation of people like Bolton, Cheney, and Rummy,. unfortunatly these empire people are not very creative and have come up only with no rights for people and endless control for corporations,. . fascism. same as it ever was. same as it ever was,. . same.

What did you do yesterday?

pics or it didn't happen


The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Well done, Atlanta!

Y'all did a great job! After living in Virginia for four years I can appreciate the extra level of challenge in an overwhelmingly conservative environment. Hats off to you! I was only in Atlanta once for a conference, and from what I have been told "there is Georgia, and then there is Atlanta." Thanks for doing what you did!


You have 1000 times the courage than the sheeple who walk by...