George Patton Blockbuster Youtube Video Spreads 9-11 Truth to USA Troops

Note: the Patton video is uber-patriotic nonsense. The intent here is to reach people who would not normally be looking for 9/11 information. -rep.

USA military must understand 9-11 Truth and the New World Order
so they will protect the right folks during any crisis inside the USA.
The below video is very popuar with the American military, and you
can add comments to be incuded alongside it!

Blockbuster Youtube video:

Incredible! George S Patton's New Speech-Iraq & modern world

There are many great videos on Youtube for us to spread the word!

You are welcome to cut and past any of these onto Youtube!:


Giuliani illegally exported crime scene evidence
ASAP. Bloomberg hid Firefighter's 911 'Oral
Histories' until 2005, reported many synchronized explosions in Twin Towers WTC. Bush's brother led Securacom, security company for WTC.Dogs patrolled WTC until 2 wks b4 911. Unprecedented scheduled power downs weekend b4 911. WTC CEO Silverstein admitted on national PBS TV: officials ordered WTC7 pulled. Google: Justice 9/11 9min,911 Mysteries 2hr, Loose Change 2hr and Terrorstorm 2hr


"The New World Order NWO will be end
run on national sovereignty, eroding it piece
by piece will accomplish much more than the
frontal assault" CFR, Council on Foreign Relations

CFR Members: B Obama, Romney, H Clinton, Giuliani, McCain, J Edwards, D Rockefeller, Cheney, C Rice, B Clinton, Dodd, Biden, Volcker

Google: Terrorstorm 2hr, America: Freedom to
Fascism 2hr, Loose Change 2hr, 'Walt Mearsheimer
Israel'& North American Union


Ron Paul and Aaron Russo star in:
America: Freedom to Fascism (110 min.)

Free online here:
FreedomToFascism. com

A movie not just for Americans: Orwellian
forces are subverting governments

Google: Terrorstorm-2hr, America: Freedom to Fascism-2hr, Loose Change-2hr & "Walt Mearsheimer Israel"

Thank you!

Creative way to reach the boys.

Great tactic and thanks for making the commenting so easy with the copy and paste materials. Peace bro.