Van Romero's NM Inst of Mining and Tech named Hottest College in War on Terror by Newsweek's College Guide '08

The Newsweek College Guide '08 has named as this year's "Hottest in the War on Terror" the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Many may remember that is the same institution where demolitions expert Van Romero is vice president for research, whose first said the Towers were demolished, then retracted that statement just ten days later.

(Note how this article describes the "flood of federal dollars" the school has received)

Newsweek College Guide '08
25 Hottest Schools

Hottest in the War on Terror
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, N.M.

New Mexico Tech, in a friendly desert town an hour south of Albuquerque, has reduced admissions red tape while quietly building, with a flood of federal dollars, one of the prime research centers for fighting the War on Terror. It is in some ways the Los Alamos of a new age, this time focusing on searching suitcases and disabling roadside explosives rather than building the A-bomb. The school boasts a stylish collection of historic buildings with red tile roofs and a lush 18-hole golf course.

Thanks for posting this.

Van's one of many who will have serious regrets when this charade comes apart. And it will.