Well Wishes For John Feal And Paul Grossfeld

Most of you have heard of John Feal. If by the off chance you haven't, John was a demolition supervisor that worked for six days at Ground Zero, until his foot was crushed by an eight-ton steel beam, resulting in the loss of half of his foot. He spent 11 weeks in the hospital, and a bit longer learning how to cope.

John is an amazing individual. He was willing to risk life and limb in order to help with the efforts down at Ground Zero. Since being hurt, he has become one of the leading advocates for 9/11 First Responders that are now sick and dying, and has started an organization called "The FealGood Foundation" that assists those very same responders.

Because of his efforts, he has managed to help 100's of 9/11 First Responders, if not more.

John is a very "colorful" individual with a heart of Gold. He holds no punches when speaking his mind, and I admire him for that. Here are some great John Feal quotes:

The EPA is a “bunch of brainiacs and bookworms who just look at numbers but don’t look at people’s pain” [...] “The people [downtown] and in Brooklyn pay taxes and deserve to know their tax money is going to protect their health.”

"Individually, that's great" [...] "What stinks is that so many others in his position that have 9/11 illnesses still have problems getting [their compensation], or may never get theirs. Vito won a battle, but it's still a long war."

"We're not the little boys crying wolf anymore. It's a 'told you so.' This whole time we weren't just running around saying we're sick. We now have legitimate proof" [...] "But the fact that it took five years is insulting. The federal government's lack of compassion in helping heroes is insulting."

"I applaud the medical examiner for making this direct link, but its six years late and we need more doctors to come forward and say these brave souls are sick because of the aftermath of 9-11"

"I offered my bone marrow to him" [...] "I would sacrifice myself for any 9/11 responder."

As I said, John is an amazing individual, but you've only heard the half of it. Not too long ago, Paul Grossfeld contacted John Feal, and told him how great a job he was doing with the FealGood Foundation. He also informed John that he needed a kidney. Without thinking twice, John offered Paul his kidney.

The procedure for this is going to be taking place at the end of this month, so I thought it would be nice for all of us to send well wishes to both John and Paul, and tell them that they're in our thoughts.

Post your comments here, and I guarantee both will see them.


Good Luck to You Both

John and Paul, you have all of my thoughts. Thank you both for your service, and I hope everything goes extremely smoothly. You have someone in Virginia thinking about you.


John Feal....

We love you and will see you when you get out of the hospital! Best wishes and God bless.



Your intestinal fortitude is awe inspiring. Thanks for showing the way.

Best wishes......

Your acts of heroism is not forgoton here with those who know the truth. Yes it is disgrace what our government has done,and has'nt done.
Thank you,and God bless you.

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John Feal

Your actions are noble and appreciated. Good luck to John and Paul.

Thank god for...

...both of you. Real partiots and true American heroes.
John, continue to fight the good fight. You ARE making a difference!
and Paul - stay optimistic and continue to fight... you are a hero among many.

God bless,
Mark in Philly

Thanks John

Eventually people will come to the truth, about 9/11 and a lot more. In the meantime, we will deal with the greed and the fear and the ego trips, and hope for the best .

But John Feal really is showing the world that you don’t have to be a brainiac or a bookworm to make a difference right now. A big part of the larger truth is that, if we want to live we need to stop being consumed by our own self-importance, and see how we can serve others. That’s the story of John Feal and the 9/11 First Responders, our true leaders.

Be Well Men

May the operation be a complete success, and you both be healthy. Many more now know your plight, but your determination is admirable. Fight the good fight, for the right causes. From across the country, SoCal, I send well-wishes and good feelings of support.

Hey guys...

I hope all goes well. Thanks for doing what the city, state, and federal levels have refused to do.

-Dylan Avery


You know how I feel about you man, so I'm not going to get all wishy washy, however, good luck, God bless, and see you soon. Paul, you're getting the kidney of a hero. Good luck, and use it in good health.

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My Prayers Are With John and Paul

It's a wonderful thing that you are doing John and I wish you all the best as well as you Paul. I will keep you both in my prayers.