From Mia Hamel:

This dedicated group of activists invites you to join them, come to Tampa on the 11th of the month or stake out your own local media! FOX 13 is located on a busy street (50 cars per minute) where the traffic goes by around 30 mph. Very favorable reaction from passing cars, even right up the road from CentCom! That new 'Inside Job' sign from Kevin Barrett gets high marks for legibility. Thanks Kevin!

Way to go Tampa Bay. Your

Way to go Tampa Bay. Your group looks like it's filled with Patriots. Have you goes come up with a leaflet to pass out to inquisitive citizens. Something as simple as a photocopy of a bunch of good links to 911 info sites and documentaries and books and names of researchers would work well, and easy to do. Anyway, on behalf of my family, thank you for this.