8/11/07 family member speaks out at ground zero


Manny Badillo, a proud member of CHANGE, lost his uncle on 9/11. Here he is speaking out at Ground Zero on 8/11/07. Do a street action on every 11th for Manny and the rest of the family members who's questions where never answered by the government. We will never stop in our relentless pursuit for truth and justice, JOIN US!


Good Stuff

If Manny isn't speaking with confidence then I don't know how else you could...a great experience even on video!


He was drawing alot of attention! That's what the movement needs
to do everywhere! I'm afraid we may be running out of time!

I can hear

the pain in this man's voice--and it makes me so fcuking angry all over again.

powerful stuff. Manny is a

powerful stuff. Manny is a brave dude.

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