John From Cincinnati - HBO show delves into 9/11 arena

John from Cincinnati on HBO has delved deeper into the 9/11 mystery on its latest show this Sunday - 8/13/07

I wish someone could catch a clip of it and post it, but I'm not sure if that is technologically possible.

This movement is starting to get fun.

What did they talk about? I

What did they talk about? I posted something similar earlier this year about how the show "Heroe's" is nearly identical to the scenario of 9/11. In the show, you have forces of "good" and "evil." A bomb is to go off in NYC and the politicians want to let it happen (actually, they want to make sure it happens) so that the people will rally around the Senator and elect him president to defeat the evildoers!!

sound familiar, lol

Subtle References.

John from Cincinnati is about an idiot savant type character who has direct access/channel to God. He doesn't speak coherently very often, but the show has shown a parade with a nine eleven truth poster. And the title character keeps saying "9/11 is big", talks about the internet, and references to the future date of 9/11/14. It isn't straightforward yet, but they are definitely bringing up the topic a lot. I wish we could get short clips of the show to post, but I'm pretty sure they aren't releasing it on the internet yet? We'll see.