The American Truth? -- 9/11 Truth Issues Question 9/11


The American Truth? -- 9/11 Truth Issues Question 9/11

Wed Aug 15, 3:01 AM ET

Author Nick Shelton addresses the 9/11 Truth issue in a powerful book, The American Truth. Part nonfiction articles, part fiction, The American Truth adds to the growing debate on a controversial issue.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 15, 2007 -- "Crazy Conspiracies" or "Story of the Century?" This is the question that lies at the heart of "The American Truth," the latest action-packed thriller by Nick Shelton. The book will be released August 12, 2007 by Mill City Press and cost $10.19 at online retailers like Most of the book can be read for free online at

Part nonfiction, part novel, "The American Truth" paints a picture of issues associated with the 9/11 Truth Movement. 9/11 Truth is a term that describes a belief that the official story of the September 11 terrorist attacks is not entirely correct.

"I tried to write an exciting story that would address about the controversies, coincidences and even conspiracies surrounding 9/11," says Shelton. "Many people compare The American Truth to The Da Vinci Code, in that they both use an engaging story to present controversial ideas that make readers question prior beliefs."

In this novel, Nathan Alexander, a media liaison at the Pentagon, survives the September 11 attack but tragically losses his wife in the event. Years after the tragedy, Nathan's suspicion leads him to discover that his wife had inside information of a major conspiracy within the U.S. government.

While investigating into the conspiracy, Nathan comes across a computer hacker, Daniel Lewin, who is also interested in uncovering the truth about 9/11. Together, they use their computer skills and Pentagon access to discover information the U.S. government wants to keep a secret.

When Nathan's cover is blown, the two must run for their lives. Though all hope seems to be lost, their determination for the truth will not let these men give up their desire to uncover one of the greatest secrets in history.

"I've been getting great reviews and feedback," admits Shelton. "I was worried that since the book deals with a controversial political subject that some would be discouraged from reading it. But those who have read a pre-release copy say that they read through the book in one sitting because they couldn't put it down."

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