Cleveland 911 Campaign on the radio today

The Show went GREAT and we are very pleased with the reaction on the phone lines during and after the show. If you missed the show check it out here.

or go to, program guide and click on the archive link for the "Domestic Decay" radio show with Stella and AP Magee.

As many of you know I am a very busy patriot and a founding member of the Cleveland 911 Campaign group and have been taking part in outreach efforts all over the Cleveland, Ohio area since March of this year. We have not been told the truth about 9-11-01 and the Victims Families and the 911 First Responders have called the 911 Commission Report a 571 page lie. 70% of the Family Steering Committees questions were not answered. We encourage you to investigate for yourself as we have spent the time researching and know what you will find.

Our work is really starting to pay off, today at 6PM - 730PM I will be a guest along with a couple of my colleagues on Case Western Reserves radio show called “Domestic Decay” with Stella & AP Magee.

The FM radio frequency is 91.1 or you can tune in online at

Again that is 91.1 FM WRUW @ 6PM – 730PM

Please pass this on to anyone and everyone you can, myself and my group would greatly appreciate it.

Tune in, Take notes and Research for yourself!! Ask Questions, Demand Answers!! It’s your right as an American!!

Thanks so much everyone, love you all and talk to you soon.

Peace, Love and 911 Truth,
Nick Chiro