On behalf of the Protest festival we can with great joy declare that Loose Change Final Cut will have its first test screening in Kristiansand, Norway during Griffin's visit there on September 8. It will be shown in the town cinema at 13.30 local time. For more information, please see . There you will also find information on how to buy tickets.

An official announcement from Louder than words is soon to follow on .

The management of the Protest Festival

(Site in English: )

You mean I can finally stop pissing my pants... anticipation?

Anybody know what the word is on Charlie Sheen doing any narration? Any news from the Texas distributor and what not?

About time!!

and we Need it. With David Ray Griffin's blessing on it, we should be in good hands. The excitement that this news brings me is hard to describe. WE NEED IT. Let's hope it rolls over the United States in a fashion similar to Sicko.

test screening?

so am i to assume that "test screening" means that it possibly won't be ready for a 9/11/07 premiere in the US?


mark cuban pulled out and its not opening in the states on 9/11 except for the premier/screening in NY for the we are change event.

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LCFE looking for donations

I'd like to put in a plug for the Loose Change crew, with qualifications.

Recently, they sent their supporters a request for donations. You can help them finish LCFE here:

Now, I think about 80% of LC2E is garbage. HOWEVER, I think the 20% that remains, and the tireless efforts of the LC crew to promote the need for a new investigation, is worth at least a small donation. I made a rather large donation, for two reasons:

(1) The LC guys say the final edition has 80% new material. I'm hoping the new material will replace the garbage in the old material. I have faith in them.

(2) I consider the donation a donation to the cause at large. If you are willing to drop $30 on the latest Warner Brothers DVD, surely the larger cause of Truth is worth at least that much in donation to LCFE.

I admit I am naturally suspicious of this fundraising, given the changing story surrounding how the film will be financed and released. And, sure, maybe they'll make a fool of me somehow. But I don't care. I still think these guys are legit and deserve our collective help. I have donated; I hope you all will too.

Extra incentives too.

"But I don't care. I still think these guys are legit and deserve our collective help. I have donated; I hope you all will too."

I agree with that part of your comment and I didn't hesitate to make a donation but I don't share your skepticism or suspicion even though most every thing on this internet is suspicious. Even if there's a 25% chance I'm wrong, which I doubt, I am willing to take that risk.
BTW you neglected to mention the great incentives that come with $100 and $200 donations.
Peace, Phaedrus.


Perhaps it seemed like I was overstating the risk. That was not my intention. Overall, I support Loose Change. I just had to acknowledge that the older versions contain a few too many mistakes for my liking. I'm sure they will fix this in the new version, which has the benefit of so many incredible developments in the past year or so.

And, yes, the incentives are great. That's why I made a substantial contribution. So should everyone here, but I understand why people might be a bit confused at this point, with all the different stories about who is or is not participating in LCFE.

Sponsors in the Middle East?

I really don't understand why the LC crew would have ANY trouble at all financing their new film.
I mean, aren't there tons of rich people all over the Middle East who love to support their film financially?
Many people all over the Middle East LOVE the 9/11 Truth Movement, including Loose Change etc.!
Go and get some of these rich Middle Eastern people on board!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really excited. Hats

I'm really excited. Hats off to you guys for risking it. Let me know if I can make any phone calls and get it playing in the Bay Area.

Loose Change Final Cut screening in Amsterdam

A public screening of Loose Change Final Cut has also been planned for the "Docs at the Docks" Documentary Festival in Amsterdam (Netherlands), on Tuesday 11 September 2007, starting at 8 pm (including a discussion and interviews afterwards, finishing around midnight).
See .
Editors of 911blogger may wish to check with Dutch internet-journalist Daan de Wit ( for confirmation via

UK and Toronto Film Festival?

PS: any news yet on mass cinema screenings in the UK (via Revolver Entertainment) and other countries,
as well as the Toronto Film Festival?

Not yet. The producer isd

Not yet. The producer isd based in the UK and we are liaising with them. There will be a full listing of whats happening in London in the next couple of days. We have definately got Cynthia McKinney coming over though

what is the distribution like...

does anyone know where i can find out more info on the distribution of final cut? what major cities is it coming to?

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