My Letter to Stu Bykofsky was published!

In response to Mr. Bykofsky's scumbag comments on the necessity of 'a new 9/11".

Here's the link, second letter on the page:

I am sure that this e-mail is not the first you've received in reply to your little article calling for a new 9/11 so Americans will get behind Dick Cheney's war crimes. Surely you understand that 9/11 was facilitated not by Muslim fanatic religious extremists, but by the CIA and criminal elements at the highest levels of the American government. Osama bin Laden did not issue the NORAD standdown, disallowing the scrambling of fighter jets to shoot down the supposedly hijacked planes, nor did Mohammed Atta order the demolition of WTC 7. Terrorism by nature is political manipulation. Calling for murderous atrocities on American soil a la 9/11 is an act of terrorism in and of itself. How shameful of you to call for war crimes against humanity.

Jason Jensen