New Animated Gif

Here is an animated gif designed by a London activist. Feel free to use it and spread it around

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This is.....

Bad to the Bone.......Nice job andyb!


9 1 1 l i e

I Like it, very clever...

I made an alt version that has frame timings (100ms, 1660ms pause - hope the maker don't mind) they original had a 10ms frame delay it was spinning really fast.

I also put a slight pause at the "911" and "lie" frames.

Hope it helps (a bit)

Image URL :


Thanks and best wishes.

No problems Veritas!! I

No problems Veritas!! I think he is also making some tweaks to it but I thought it was good enough to get out there now. Nice changes

PS how do you embed images on your comments and blogs?

Cool, to insert an IMAGE into the Comment Box..

is very easy...

All you need to use is the standard HTML image tag [ MORE INFO ]

The vspace=nn attribute is handy to put a vertical space between multiple images.

Example :

<img src="">

Best wishes

Thanks for a great creation!

I will post all threads I post this graphic into for tracking purposes:

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Completely brilliant

And thx for your version too, 911veritas.

I think this is brilliant. I think it would be better

if it paused on 911 and then paused again on lie (like 911veritas did it), but leaving space on the edges. Also, I think it should pause a little more flush with the viewer than 911veritas did it.

Disclaimer: I have no graphic design skills, so listen to the pros.

Good ideas. I will let the

Good ideas. I will let the bloke who designed it know the feedback and get it working better. Perhaps if it just turned a lot slower then you wouldn't need the stop?

I went to Ground Zero a couple of months back on a Saturday and helped hand out factsheets made by the We Are Change guys and the animation designer is currently reworking them for me to include a few British sites etc . We should have 10000 printed for the weekend. If anyone here lives in or near London then go to and look under events if you want to help out!

One word......