American Hero Suffers For His Bravery

American Hero Suffers For His Bravery

Written by Dennis "DJ" Mikolay
Wednesday, 15 August 2007

These days, everyone's mind is focused on the war in Iraq, and the Americans who, everyday, face an uncertain future there. Indeed, some 3,680 American soldiers have already fallen victim to the war, and everyday brings news of a higher number. These, fallen soldiers, however, aren't the only victims of terrorism who must bravely face death on a regular basis.

Far closer to home, those Americans who bravely dug through the rubble at Ground Zero shortly after the World Trade Center fell are still fighting. Many Americans struggled to survive on September 11, 2001. In total, the lives of some 2,974 people ended that day. For others, Ground Zero was only the beginning, the starting point on a deadly race against the odds. For these men and women, the fight to survive isn't over yet.

The debate regarding whether exposure to chemicals at the World Trade Center site can lead to human deaths has been a hot topic over the past few years, with Felicia Dunn-Jones, who died of exposure some five months after the attacks, now being recognized as a September 11th victim, and Detective Kevin Hawkins, also at the scene, having recently passed of cancer (his family feels the illness was due to exposure at the site), there should be no denying that those who were America's heroes on September 11th may now need heroes of their own.

Vito Valenti, a resident of New York, was a September 11th hero, but now that Valenti has been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, and he needs a double lung transplant to survive, it seems that the Government is less willing to acknowledge this hero, turning a blind eye. responder who was at Ground Zero aiding in the rescue efforts after the towers fell. He may have survived the hell that was Ground Zero, but he now must struggle through everyday life, hoping that his scarred lungs will someday be replaced, or at least, acknowledged. People have had no problem admitting Vito Valenti was a hero on September 11

To make a long and tragic story short, Valenti isn't on the transplant list and he doesn't have medical insurance. His only crime was a leave of absence from work, after the attack, during which time he suffered from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. He is currently breathing through a donated oxygen machine, as he can't afford his own: 2005 marked an end to health benefits for Valenti, who is himself, in far from perfect health.

But where is the media coverage, where are all the human rights groups, where are the pickets and signs? And where are all the fellow 911 survivors? They are themselves, in many instances, also sick.

Why has so little been said about this true heroes' ailment? Perhaps the situation is so tragic; we don't want to think about it. But every person who knows Valenti's story can no longer turn a blind eye or deaf ear.

Valenti dug through the World Trade Center rubble due to his respect for human life...and now, it seems as though nobody in power respects his.

Thousands of people lost loved ones of September 11th, and now the fateful day may very well claim yet another victim, one of many who will undoubtedly suffer in the years to come due to their heroic acts. Perhaps someday the Government will acknowledge these patriots, but Valenti cant wait that long.

I may have some answers for you

I am a resident of Bergen County, NJ. It borders NYC near the George Washington Bridge which is about 178 street in NYC.

There are many people who live here that were in and/or near the World Trade Center on that fateful day. My wife was in the Century 21 store across the street when the 1st plane hit the North Tower. She went into her office which was on Maiden Lane at the time and called me. I was on the telephone with her when the 2nd plane hit.

She has been mentally beaten back every time she hears Thunder, wakes up screaming in the middle of the night, ducks when the planes from the 4 airports near here have their landing paths flying over the house. She has developed Roseca which can't be determined where and/or how she caught it, there is no known cure for it and has been forced after 37 years working for NYS to retire early. She refuses to watch any of my DVDs.

Last weekend I went to a Camp reunion and found out that one of my friends from camp was disabled from working at Ground Zero. He lost 14 members of the crew that he was working with and his "two best friends" who died afterward.

They both had the same reaction when I started to talk about it. I had brought 2 DVDs with me to the reunion to give away. But I never saw him after our initial discussion to give him the DVDs. I sent him an email trying to offer my support and told him that I was willing to mail him the DVDs.

My dentist was a 1st Responder and has the framed citation from Congress thanking him for his assistance. I gave him DVDs after which all of a sudden he finished what he was doing with my teeth. I had been going for monthly treatments for over a year.

Just about every town here has lost someone either on September 11 or whose life has been dramatically change by the loss of a friend or more.

My sister lives in Brick Township NJ and refuses to look at anything because her daughter has a friend whose father was on Flight 93 and they both went to his funeral. As far as she is concerned he died in the Skanksville PA crash. I told he and showed her the report that United 93 made a safe landing in the Cleveland airport and gave her pictures of the lack of plane crash luggage. She is only believing what her experience was since she went to the funeral.

As for myself, I am a forensic accountant and was deeply involved with a fraud case that involved a large national bank that started in 1998. When they finally settled all of the issues out of court in the fall 2005 someone asked my to look at "911: In Plane Site". I have been researching it on my own since then.

I have not been able to find a local group anywhere near here in order to share what I have discovered. I have given away dozens of copies of "911: In Plane Site" and never hear from them again.

I have been banned from the 911 Pilots for Truth forum by asking questions and responding to them with what apparently is the correct positions since they just shut my out without advanced notice. I was able to retrieve all of my files and links that I used.

This website has censored some of my comments and blogs. So a North Carolina group asked me to join and I participate via computer with them.

I haven't been able to get anyone take a step back from how close they were involved in order to get them to get over their fear. They are really terrorized. They just don't realize that the terrorists are in the White House.

My research took me back to the creation of the CIA 2 years after we signed the Charter of the UN. Say what you will about the UN but we may end up with more rights under the UN Charter than we will be left by this bunch of murderers and war criminals.

I sort of feel responsible because I was a junior in high school when JFK was executed in Dallas on 11-22-1963. The phony Warren Commission Report was as valid as the 9/11 Official Commission Report. All it does is support the insurance fraud that was perpetrated in NYC (the Slang term is "Jewish Lightening").

I contacted insurance companies hoping to be able to get a job with their investigations. Thats when I learned that the insurance companies weren't interested in doing an investigation because the Bush Administration gave them a new product to sell to make up for the illegal removal of evidence called the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act.

They weren't interested that 3 days after the Port Authority announce the first successful landing of a commercial aircraft in Newark Airport in 1998 the announced the in a "HISTORIC SHIFT" the WTC was put on the open market. My wife worked in one of the towers in the mid 1970s on the 27th floor. She complained to me that on windy days a gust of wind would knock the building out from under the desks in her office. And if you can sit back and really take a closer look at the damages you might note that every building on the land that is owned by the Port Authority (including WTC 7) was destroyed and non-of the surrounding buildings received relatively very little damage. At least WTC 6 had to be rigged for controlled demolition because it had suffered worse fires and damages from the falling towers than Bldg 7.

Part of the cover-up is from the CIAs take over of the media with "Operation Mongoose". The "News Programs" are merely propaganda entertainment.

I had an Israeli friend who watched the video but he refused to believe the bit with the "Pods" and flashes. His comment was but they may have something about the lack of wreckage at the Pentagon. But he is an Israeli. For all I know he may be part of it.

Did you know that NYC still has a street blocked off and are recovering more human remains ? Operation Mongoose is in full force.

I hear what you are saying about the lack of other victims coming forward but I am only one person who is doing my best to do my duty to my God and Country. Unfortunately my best hasn't been much of a success.

There were also thousands of people who took money from a victims fund set up by the government and when the accepted the money they had to sign a statement that they would not discuss it with others.

I had read a Yahoo News item about some of the Airlines suing the FBI and CIA because some of the victims refused to settle with the victims fund and they are suing the airlines. That was the last I heard of that about a week ago.

Thanks NJcpaTOM

Good post, thanks for sharing........... I too woke-up after watching "In Plain Site". Pods or no pods, all I needed to see was the demolition of WTC7. That did it for me.

It was my pleasure if it helped someone.

"911 Ripple Effect" is also good.