William Rodriguez Moves Tucson

William Rodriguez drew a sellout crowd of about 350 to the St. Mark's Presbyterian Church in Tucson last night. No matter how much you know about 9/11, if you have not heard William Rodriguez in person, then you still have more to learn. We heard his detailed eyewitness account of an extremely energetic explosion in the basement of the North tower seconds prior to the sensation of a major disturbance in the upper part of the tower -- in total contradiction to the official story. Rodriguez recounted a multitude of violent explosions that occurred while he was assisting NYFD in rescue efforts in the lower section of the North tower. While there was some high laughter last night, many of us were moved to tears. In memory of the victims, for the sake of the families of the victims, for all the injured rescue workers, first responders and clean-up workers, and for the future of our republic, please support William Rodriguez on the remainder of his world tour. see photos at

William Rodriguez Moves Tucson

Last night, we went to hear William Rodriguez speak here in town, and the room was over filled with 350+ people. William spoke for 2 hour to a mixed audience where you could have heard a pin drop in between his pauses of speech. He is a dynamic speaker with a clear voice that resonates a volumes tone. His message was America needs a real investigation of what happened on 911.

William was the last person out of the building before the CD, he gave testimony before the 911 Commission about enormous explosions in the lower levels of the basement parking section, just 10 seconds before the plane hit WTC 1. Originally he thought generators had exploded in the lower basement of B1-B2-B3 levels. As he and several others of his maintenance crew were trying to go to the lower levels there was a man coming up for help, the crew thought this cloths had been ripped off of him at first sight, then realized it was his skin that had been blown off his face and arms from the blast. Several of the crew took the injured man for medical treatment, and Wiiliam started to search for further victims, it was this journey that saved so many lives that day (the video below is from one of his speeches he gave last year and best describes what we heard last night).

William's decision to become a 911 activist was the outcome of what he experienced that day, the fact he told the 911 Commission and they never included that information in the report nor any other of the first hand responders reports of explosions in the basement before the first plane hit WTC 1.

The WH gave William medals and were recruiting him to be a spokes person for the "official story", as he noted last night, I felt like they wanted my latin heritage for the hispanic vote. The WH gave him a position of sorts to speak to the press and perform public awareness events, so William's first public event was a parade with soldiers protesting the war. He was called on the carpet at the WH, saying you can't do things like that, they gave him another chance at promoting public awareness for 911, so the second time he had retired Officers instead of regular soldiers marching down the street protesting wars, yes you read that right, the WH became unglued and dismissed any further contact with William Rodriguez.

We were quite impressed with William's sense of humor blended with his naivete was a priceless experience. Like describing his "office" at WTC 1 was actually a closet, and believe me we needed those little breaks of levity because the overall message of his talk is ominous.