Philly 8/11/07 Street Heat - Firefighters, Police, and Marines for 9/11 Truth

We began our day of consciousness sowing by planting ourselves at the physical roots of the tree of our nation, Independence Hall. The crowds on Independence Mall were unusually florescent and most amiable towards our presence, spare a few thorns. For the sake of refreshment we moved our site over to South Street, a more vivacious jungle of personalities. On South St. we encountered everyone from an architect unsure of 9/11 truth to a marine vehemently supporting 9/11 truth. In all we planted hundreds of seeds in the form of 100 DVDs, 500 fliers, and visual ubiquity. Our foremost gain however came from delivering a DVD to the firehouse across the street and then following up with them a few hours later. The majority of the firehouse (approx. 80%) agreed that 9/11 was an inside job after watching the footage from 9/11 Mysteries. Just a word of advice to other truth activists out there, be sure to sign up people you meet for activism - get both e-mail address and phone number when possible - thus ensure growth in future tactics.

P.S. Start talking with your local fire departments and police departments about the event
on Sunday 9/9/07 in NYC and the day of memorial/protest on 9/11/07.

Raw and Beautiful....

Loved the footage, great job with the firehouse.

Thanks for all you do, true patriots and heroes...

Best wishes

great job guys. i hope this

great job guys. i hope this NORAD guy is willing to be on the record.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

We Are Change

I am so proud of you folks!
come out to Knowlton Riverfest for 3 days of music this weekend and bring some stuff and shirts!

Can you feel the Love ?! =)

Beautiful thing man...What a beautiful sight...People coming together, sharing information and thoughts, becoming aware, etc.
Great Job Philly 9/11 truth!

It's true........

United we stand



!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO PHILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!