Seattle 8/11 TruthAction Video

WARNING: The music on the first half of this video is intense. Listen to the lyrics. Stand up, and Speak out! 9/11 TRUTH NOW!

Rock on dudes!

I would love to hear what quick arguments/statements you guys are making, next time if possible!

Please keep up the great work!!

Love and respect John

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!


why do all you people who make these videos have death metal music playing in the background????. how you expect attention to these videos if the music is so annoying and detracts from the actual content. 98% of the population hate metal music! why do you do this??? it is plainly stupid! especially when you trying to gain attention to something so hugely important. keep your personal music tastes out of the videos!!! I was totally put off watching the video due to the angry music.

I don't wish to fault-find,

I don't wish to fault-find, and fully support your efforts, but I have to agree with the poster above, I'm afraid. The music overwhelms the message, chaps. Nothing wrong with aggressive tunes, but I'm not entirely sure this is proper context. The effect is akin to pairing Black Sabbath with a video of good samaritans doling out meals in a soup kitchen - it seems highly incongruous, at least to the casual observer. And as another poster mentioned, the music should be cut completely (or nearly so) whenever you speak. Those trivial objections aside, keep up the good work, lads!

I also agree. If you were playing that music on a boom box

while handing out flyers, do you think that people would be more or less likely to approach you? If the answer is less, then why are you making us suffer?

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Hatebreed rules and that song is one of my faves, I'd say it fits perfectly. If you dont like the song turn the volume down? FACING WHAT CONSUMES YOU!


I would like to recommend "Determined" by Mudvayne for the next video. :-)

since we are making requests.....

if you want metal or hard rock i would suggest "LiesLiesLies" by Ministry(9/11 truth lyrics) or "Capital G" by Nine Inch Nails. i dont mind the heavy music, it works in some circumstances and in fairness to the guy who made this, he did post a warning and told us to listen to the lyrics.

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