Dutch Police State Cracks Down On 9/11 Activism

Myself and two friends doing 9/11 activism in the Netherlands were kicked off of the streets in The Hague, the capital city of the United Nations and the seat of parliament in the Netherlands. We had done a trial run on 8/11 in a smaller town called Leiden, which is just 10 miles outside of The Hague and that went well. We passed out a handful of flyers and had some good discussions, as well as numerous strange looks. Today, however, we didn't have so much luck.

We set up in the early afternoon with bright yellow t-shirts carrying slogans such as "9/11 = INSIDE JOB" and "HERONDERZOEK 9/11" ("REINVESTIGATE 9/11"), with a sign of 4 standard size sheets of paper (A4/Letter) stapled together reading "9/11 TRUTH NOW", and with a bag full of homemade 9/11 flyers reading in Dutch or English. About 10 minutes after starting, we were confronted by 3 police officers and told to shut down our "demonstration" immediately. They said that they had seen us on the cameras and came out to stop us due to "anonymous" complaints. We calmly explained that all we were doing was standing somewhere and allowing interested people to come ask us what we were doing, rather than shouting or passing a flyer into every hand we could. The law, according to these officers, is that we needed a permit. The officers insisted that - for our safety - we left the streets. The question of course is, safety from whom?

Two of the officers were actually quite friendly, and had seen Loose Change and agreed with a lot of what we said about 9/11. The third was a bit more... rough, and tried to intimidate us with fines to leave the scene immediately. When we asked if it would be OK to take down our sign and put away the flyers, and simply stand around and talk to interested people, he said that we would need a permit for the shirts. That's right - in Holland, in order to stand on the street, wearing a 9/11-related shirt, and talk to people who come and ask you questions, requires permission. IT IS ILLEGAL TO STAND ON THE STREET AND TALK TO PEOPLE WITHOUT PERMISSION. The officers took our identification, addresses, and phone numbers. The two more kindly officers actually chatted for a bit, took our flyer and read it over, and even the copy of Zeitgeist we offered them. Of course, to offer such benevolence to the common street folk is surely a crime deserving punishment! The rougher of the three even commanded that we take off our shirts and throw away the sign... the other two realized this was unreasonable and allowed us to walk back to the train station - so long as we kept the sign low to the ground and not high enough to be read.

Back in Leiden, where we had successfully passed out a number of flyers last week, we set up on the same corner and took down the sign this time around. We were immediately confronted again with police (we imagine The Hague called Leiden and told them to watch out for us, since they knew where we lived), but this time we were allowed to stand on the street as long as we didn't initiate conversations and didn't hold up the sign. They stuck around for a while to make sure we weren't talking to anyone, and that they came to talk to us first and ask for a flyer, rather than us being able to pass them out at will. After an hour or so of not being able to talk with police right around the corner, we called it a day.

One thing I can say is that I'm glad we weren't doing this in the States - after all of the police brutality videos and handcuff-happy police you see there, I think we got off easy. I just wish these officers would listen to someone like Alex Jones and realize that they ARE the problem, and they need to stop following orders and learn to distinguish threat from peace.

We're going to apply for a permit to pass out our flyers in The Hague and Amsterdam on 9/11 itself, and I'll post our videos up as we get the footage in - we've got 2 video cameras among the 3 of us, so expect some footage from here in the near future. Until then....

-Edward Greve

P.S. If you're interested in helping us out here in The Netherlands, please contact me at dutch911truth@gmail.com

Yılbaşına yakın bir zamanda bir fuara gitmiştim ve ilk orada gördüm bu Duvar Saati ni, gerçektende mükemmel bir Promosyon du ve hemen bundan birtanede mutlaka bende olmalı dedim bir tane aldım. Duvar Saatleri çok farklı ve çeşitlilik sahibi ürünlerdir insan bu ürünleri gördüğü zaman aralarında seçim yapmakta bişe zorlanabiliyor. İçlerinde en güzellerinden biriside Buzdolabı Saatleri dir. Bu tip Promosyon ların evleri mutfakları güzelleştiren ürünler olduğunu gördüğümden Mutfak Saatleri nden almak istemiş ve almıştım çokta memnun kaldı. Farklı olarakta Çocuk Saatleri vardı fakat henüz bu Promosyon Ürünleri nden almayı düşünmedim açıkçası.

Benim beğendiğim, yani en çok beğendiğim Promosyon Ürünü Duvar Saatleri dir. Gelecek seneki fuarda tekrar ve mutlaka bulunacağım almak istediğim bu ürünleri umarım tekrar görüp alabilirim bu beni çok mutlu edecekktir buna emin olabilirsiniz değerli kardeşlerim. Bizim ve herkesin duvarında mutlaka bir Duvar Saati olmalı diyorum ve bunun güzelliğini her kardeşimin yaşamasını diliyorum.

Thank you!

Are there such laws actually in existance in your country against free speech? This is atrocious... from what you're saying, we've had a much easier time in Canada and the United States... that said please continue with what you're doing, obvously it's more important there to be out in the street if there is such stiff resistance to it from authority.


Nazi intimidation

Both my parents grew up in Holland and lived through the Nazi occupation. I find it incredible that a nation that was so grateful to be liberated from that occupation is, within their generation's lifetime, tolerating or allowing Nazi-like actions by the police today.
Boggles the mind.
Hans Hijma. (Anglicized Arnie Hyma.)

know your rights!

Do a bit of research into what rights you really have on the street there,. many cops and private 'security' rent-a-cops,. will over step their athority when confronted with paradigm assulting information,. However If you do know what your rights are, as a citizen, and a pedestrian on the public streets,. and you calmly point these rights out, citing the appropriate laws they will uselly back down,. Knowlage truly is power,. . if they over step their mandate,. video is great evidence,. and try to get bage numbers as well,. some friends of mine where roughed up when protesting in Detroit,. .and sued the police! Eventualy they cops settled with them, and they each ended up with some thing like $10,000 for their trouble,. If you don't actually have a right to wear a 'political' shirt in a public place, or hand out flyers,. then i would think you have another issue to protest! Free Speach.

Did you receive my email

Did you receive my email Edward? We would like to have your story (in Dutch) on the frontpage of www.zapruder.nl

Please watch my movie: WTC7 The Smoking Gun of 9/11

Continue the great work for truth, you are not alone...

Join the European demonstration on 9th September 2007
Brussels 2pm Gar Du Nord

Wow. I must say, I admire

Wow. I must say, I admire you for doing what is right. I am shocked that the police were that blunt about getting a permit to wear a shirt. Best of luck to you I look forward to seeing footage from 9/11.

Remind them: you do this for their brothers

If or when you go out again, a suggestion: try starting off the leaflet with a "letter to the police." If my memory is correct, the murder victims on Sept 11 included about 30 New York police officers (also 300 or so NY firefighters). As far as I know, this was the largest mass murder of policemen in US history, and probably one of the largest in world history (there may be some car bombings in Iraq, for instance, that killed more; some could quibble about the difference between murder and war fatalities in Iraq, but oh well).

The US government, with its 9-11 Commission, suppression of evidence at WTC, etc, has made a point of taking this biggest mass murder of policemen in history, and ... ignoring it. Shoving it under the rug.

Is that how a government supports its police officers?

And via the evidence for controlled demolition of the towers, this means that members of the government themselves murdered those policemen.

To our policemen:
Is that what you, Mr Officer, signed up for? When you took your oath to uphold the law of your people, did you volunteer to risk your life everyday bringing in criminals, protecting the weak, so that the latest bunch of politicians could, whenever it struck their fancy, slaughter you as a sacrificial offering to their political careers?

Which of you will be next? I personally hope not one more police officer, anywhere on Earth, should be killed in any false-flag terror attack. They deserve better.

If we face another false-flag attack in the near future as an excuse to start the Iranian War, local police officers will probably be among the first to die. If the 9-11 truth movement can screw with those plans, delaying this or subverting it somehow, some bunch of police officers will owe their lives to the 9-11 truth movement's actions.

Now is the time to remind the officer in front of you of this little uncomfortable truth.


9/11 should investigated again, but what you state in your blog is absolute BS! In the Netherlands you require to have a 'license' to organize a demonstration. This is for the simple fact, that if your demonstration attracts a large numbers of people, the police can guide traffic, people etc, so the demonstration doesn't become a problem for the other people in the city. Many countries have these simple laws.

Further: There is no law in Holland (the Netherlands) which states you can't wear t-shirts of any kind. Think of all the tourist shops with all these types of t-shirts about drugs etc. I doubt that the police officer told you you couldn't wear this t-shirt.
It might (and I underline MIGHT) be a problem when you wear a t-shirt which carries any religious or terrorist statement, which is out of the moral range.

Thus Edward, I find your 'story' highly doubtful, except for the demonstration shutdown part. Unfortunately you have probably no idea that stories like yours are being read by loads of people, who have no knowledge about Holland or the rest of world's cultures. Did you know that large numbers of USA citizens in their whole lifetime never travel out of the state? These people travel the world through the internet and gain their so called 'knowledge' from the newspapers around the world and these conspiracy-theory websites. They believe all that is written must be true! Speculation only creates paranoia; paranoia leads eventual to conflict!
To my opinion you need to do a little more homework about the whole 9/11 issue. This is not just looking over and over to the same documentaries, which I have seen as well. Also these documentaries are created by people, who can manipulate you in your way of thinking. The works of Leo Strauss are a good read to go deeper into the subject of how people can be manipulated. The art of war by Sun Tzu (not the Snipes-movie) gives you more and more knowledge about the whole 9/11 setup and its consequences. Read about the cold war and how it was continued for the years it existed and how it was continued. Now you probably wonder, why I mention this to you. Well... Kijk eens diep in je hart en dan weet je waarom ik dit schreef!

The American police brutality... well there are good police officers and bad police officers. Unfortunately for you the bad police officer will be in the news, internet, etc, more, because it is just more interesting. I.e: You are blind and trying to cross the street. Traffic is very heavy, so I grab you by the arm and tell you I will help you to the other side by stopping the traffic for you. I will never make it to the news ever... unless I kill you afterwards, because it 'sells' better. If I then also was a Moslim, it might be even considered a terrorist act. Catch my point?

I agree with you and this website that 9/11 should investigated again. If there was a proper investigation already.

You don't believe me? Why?

You don't believe me? Why? The cop did indeed say that we couldn't wear the shirts without a permit as it was a form of demonstration. I have my 2 friends and 2 witnesses on the street there who stopped and talked with us out of curiosity to back that up, although I wouldn't know how to begin finding them. What motive would I have to lie about what the cop said to me? I wish I could gloat about how nice the cops here are, unfortunately, that's not the case, and as I just posted recently, they don't even know their own laws.

Ga je iets voor 911 doen? Ga naar www.zapruder.nl en kijk naar de Actie! forum.


Hey Ed, Good to have US

Hey Ed,

Good to have US nationals like you here in Holland!
Keep up the good work; we'll probably meet one of these days.

Cheers, "VAB" (Dutch student in International Law, University of Amsterdam; Zapruder.nl forum member)

PS: I believe you regarding your experience with the cops in the Hague. In certain parts of our capital, some of them can be a real pain in the ass.

Great Report Back,

And an excellent effort too.

It's only by getting out on the streets that we find out what the response will be. Maybe by the 11th you will have found a work-around or have some permit.

That part about a permit for the T-shirts really made me laugh!
Sounds like police are mostly the same in EU and North America. I can completely see some idiot saying that.

Do some research on what the actual laws are too. Police will fabricate all sorts of things if you don't know the specifics of the law. Pay attention to the local laws. These usually give the residents more rights.

cheers from New Amsterdam ;-)

Thanks to everyone!

Hey everyone who commented/emailed, thanks for all your support. Apparently the police don't even know their own laws here, and we've since found out that its perfectly legal to demonstrate as long as you inform the police the day before. That's not quite the same thing as a permit for an event... of course, what would cops know about laws? Hah.

Again, thanks everyone and keep fighting the good fight!