Video: Zelikow Confronted August 9th, Chatauqua, NY

In "Philip Zelikow's Parallel Universe" Paul Zarembka and Snowshoe Films grill Zelikow on the still-living hijackers and WTC-7 until he turns tail and flees. He can run but he can't hide!

This from Paul Zarembka:

The video of the questioning of Philip Zelikow, August 9, 2007,
Chautauqua Institute, New York (7 min.) is available at

A prior Part I is available at

Paul Z.

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Outstanding work, Snowshoe!

Thanks for all you do, I wonder if Zelikow is scared yet? Or does reality even exist for him long enough for its implications to sink in?


... was like a schoolboy, trying to explain how his dog ate his homework...

It seems like he really believes that he can bullshit American public forever... He is just sitting there, looking at you with eyes wide open and telling you pure bullshit straight into your face... Kind of makes me admire him a bit... I know I would not be able to do this... Considering the slow pace at which the truth is seeping into the American psyche, his confidence might be justified, sadly...


If there ever was an incredulous facial expression of guilt that surely was one. I simply adore the way he condescendingly dismisses the question as quackery. Come on Zelikow, try that babytalk with Philly 911 Truth and we'll put you to sleep permanently.


"There is no fury like that of a man scorned for expressing truth!"

It's great that you confronted him

but why not ask him a more potent question?

Zarembka asks an easily dismissed question about the hijackers being alive, instead of asking a question not so easy to dismiss. By "dismiss" I mean "easy to avoid." Debunkers will simply say that the BBC report was erroneous. End of story. Also, if the hijackers are alive and it's easy to prove that, why hasn't somebody interviewed them on camera? How hard would that be, if we know their occupations and countries of residence? Personally, I don't find the "they're still alive" argument very effective.

Ask him why the Report lies about Cheney in the bunker. That one is easy to prove, and as Peter Dale Scott points out the Report lies consistently about Cheney's and Bush's activities that day.

Ask Zelikow why the funding for the attacks is "of little practical significance"?

The question about WTC7 was a good one, but when Zelikow responded with some vague thing about NIST, why not follow up by pointing out that NIST and FEMA could not explain WTC7? We're still waiting for NIST's second attempt at WTC7.

Keep the pressure on.

"why not ask him a more potent question"

Agreed. I could think of many.

Donate To 9/11 First Responders

Yes, if anyone gets the

Yes, if anyone gets the opportunity to question Zelikow again, please ask the following questions:

1) Did the White House advise you as to what the Commission should or should not investigate regarding 9/11, or as to what should or should not appear in the Report?

2) Why did the Commission fabricate Cheney's timeline for the morning of 9/11?

3) Why did the Commission not investigate the inexplicable failure of the Secret Service to follow standard procedures in protecting the POTUS on 9/11?

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

good point

My thoughts too. Great that Zelikow gets confronted, yet more productive questions could have centred on the easily demonstrable contradictions in the report, such as those simuvac mentions above (especially, why they omitted Mineta's sworn public testimony to their own comission, that places Cheney in the PEOC at least 40 mins. before they end up saying he arrived there.)

Also, ask him why they did not seek to explain the blatant contradiction in the whereabouts of Rumsfeld and Myers in their report, with the account published only a few months earlier by Richard Clarke (who also testified to them) in his book – which had been scrutinized ad cleared by an antagonistic Whitehouse before its publication. That's a real obvious lie that could easily become any sincere journalist's "Watergate lead" , opening up this box of lies – if a journalist wants to take it up. Clarke is so specific, detailing conversations with each of them which undeniably take place before the Pentagon is hit. Yet Zelikow's report says neither Rumsfeld nor Myers was aware anything was going on until after the Pentagon event. Obvious stuff – and really good fodder for effective journalistic questioning.

Anyway, good work, and thanks to Snowshoe for doing and filming it.


Good points. The 'hijackers are still alive' argument is worth basically nothing. I really can't see how he got 'grilled' on that one.

no, its worth something, its

no, its worth something, its just that the questioner didnt call him on his diversion when he tried to make it sound like the hijackers surviving the plane crashes was the suggestion of the question. it obviously wasnt and the fact that Zelikow tried such a pathetic diversion shows some level of fear in my opinion. its too bad he wasnt corrected. the questioner should have jumped in right then and said something like-"i didnt suggest they survived the plane crashes, the suggestion is that some of the hijackers identities are in question as the head of the FBI even admits and BBC reports show". the "hijackers alive" thing is not be the best line of questioning but the questioner here really dropped the ball in letting Zelikow pretend like he was asked if the hijackers survived the plane crashes. nobody has ever suggested that(though HE suggests that passports and bandanas survived the plane crashes, something else to bring up to him next time...) and Zelikow knows it. still a great effort though and the WTC7 question that caused him to literally run away made for some pretty good video and makes a powerful point.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

2nd Question response..........

............He did'nt say WTC7............What a scum!.....A lieing Mother f**ker !... Instead of death for treason for you pretty boy. I would rather see you traded every night for a pack of smokes in a federal prison.
The truth is coming.

i just heard Zelikow on NPR

i just heard Zelikow on NPR the other day talking about Iran and how dangerous they are. the man will never learn until we make him. beautiful job here. keep it up.

edit: take a look at the comments section for this video on youtube. our old friend "sky king" has reared his ugly head again. tell me he isnt a professional......

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

who would vote this blog down?

Zelikow sure knew when to run didnt he?

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA



glib government responses wearing thin!

Zelikow attempts glib erudite responses that we've all grown used to from our government! They wear extemely thin however when juxtaposed next to the WTC7 collapse at free fall speed! This piece shreds the seemingly plausible educated responses our government attempts to hide behind!

...don't believe them!

I noticed

that when confronted with the WTC7 question he just slithered away like the snake he is. Perhaps he could just slither into that "parallel universe" he is talking about. He sure isn't a part of this universe. What amazes me is how the truther who asked the questions could keep his cool. I doubt if I could have.

Parallel universe.

Other than Condoleeza-liesalot this guy is probably one of the most skillful liars I have ever heard (it's no coincidence that they were co-conspirators in the past.) But just watch his eyes when he lies. The blinking is a dead giveaway.
I just get the impression that like all criminals he has an overwhelming need to boast about his crime. Let's face it, it was and is impressive. He seems to be telegraphing the message that, "Hey I created a parallel universe and the fools are buying it." He can't come right out and say it but by repeating the phrase over and over he is subconsciously boasting and taunting at the same time. I wonder what it would take to get him to blurt it out like Jack Nicholson did in A Few Good Men????

Note the stone cold demeanor

as he uses that "parallel universe" line. He's being bitingly sarcastic, all but calling Zarembka a f'ing idiot, and the whole time his face remains frozen. That's the sign of a practiced liar.