The NAU is a joke

Here is an email reply I sent to someone about the NAU.

Thanks for the link. I don't remember now if I've heard that interview, but I know about Corsi and what he says and thinks. I think he's wrong. (and I question him, his agenda, and his intent)

As an example, on the page you link to, it states, "the current efforts by President George W. Bush to merge the United States with Canada and Mexico into a regional, trilateral government called The North American Union."

That is basically an out-and-out lie. If you wanted to be nice about it, you could say it is misinformation; if you wanted to be paranoid, you could say it's disinformation.

But it is a gross misrepresentation and fallacious interpretation of what the NAU is, to the point where it is a simple falsity.

The NAU is an economic union — nothing more, nothing less. Similar to the EU. And just like you would be wrong to say, or characterize, the EU as "one government", where each member country has lost its sovereignty, so would you be absolutely incorrect in doing the same with the NAU.

Also, the NAU will be created (if it's created) via an economic treaty, which is not law. At least, not U.S. law. It's kind of International Law. But the U.S. doesn't recognize the International Court. We barely recognize the United Nations. And just like we break other treaties at the drop of a hat, in part, or in full, economic, or otherwise, whenever we feel like it, we could do the exact same thing with the NAU if we wanted to after it was passed.

So I'm not worried. I think the NAU is just as bad as GATT, NAFTA, the WTO, etc., and I don't want it. But I also see it for what it really is, and think people should not misrepresent it as something it is not.

And I think that the American people either will not allow the NAU to pass, or will freak out so bad about it after the fact, that it would end up being thrown out. (especially if they tried to make people switch to an "amero" — you don't mess with the American dollar — they found that out back when they wanted to start printing our money in color like some (most?) other countries, and the American people freaked and that stopped that real quick)

Of course, I still have some hope and faith in the American people.

And I'm always open to the possibility that I am wrong, and continue to watch the NAU thing along with all the rest, reading about it and what people say about it, etc. Just in case.

I suppose I would be interested if you could logically argue about what I say above with facts and evidence and the like, but I really don't think you can.

Imo, the NAU, just like some of the other similar stuff some people freak about, is used for fear-mongering, just like the gubmint does their fear-mongering against the American populace (and the world at large) the way they do it and what they do it with. And it's all wrong.

And ftr here is the link they sent me: (and, no, they could not respond to my points in kind)

I also made the following post reply to an NAU blog post which for some inexplicable reason was not published. (neither was another) What's that all about? (the bold parts of the five items I show were the only sections that the post showed, which I think is misinformation and disinformation)

Subject: You people are like Prader-Willi's of Paranoia

It's a freaking economic treaty, like NAFTA and GATT!!!

Nothing more, nothing less.

How about a little Truth in Advertising: (or can you not handle that?)


The North American Security and Prosperity Initiative (NASPI)*
launched in January 2003 by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives
calls for action on five fronts:

Reinventing borders by eliminating as many as possible of the
barriers to the movement of people and goods across the internal
border and by shifting the emphasis to protection of the approaches
to North America;

Maximizing economic efficiencies, primarily through
harmonization or mutual recognition across a wide range of
regulatory regimes;

Negotiation of a comprehensive resource security pact,
covering agriculture and forest products as well as energy, metals
and minerals, based on the two core principles of open markets and
regulatory compatibility;

Reinvigorating the North American defense alliance (???)
• Rebuilding Canada's military capability both to defend our own
territory and to do our share in ensuring continental and global
security; and

Creating a new institutional framework based not on the
European model but on cooperation with mutual respect for
perhaps using joint commission models to foster coordination
and to prevent and resolve conflicts.

Jeezuz Gawd you people are seriously starting to lose it big time.

(and, no, I don't want it, or think we need it, and I don't think it's going to happen anyway, except maybe in some limited form, and then, like most treaties, we (the U.S.) will break parts of it any time we damn well please)

It's an economic union

that subverts political sovereignty.

So, yes, it's like NAFTA etc. But it's an acceleration of the subversive properties of those treaties, and more. The SPP, for example, includes political integration on the agenda, in the form of "security partnerships," which translates into shared political visions. The three countries will adopt the same "security" measures. They will also share some environmental regulations. And other "sharing" follows.

What's wrong with that, you might ask? Well, it depends who you are. Sharing environmental regulations has already translated as a race to the bottom. Canada is adjusting its regulations to meet the lower standards of the United States. For labor rights, I'm sure Canada and the US will seek to follow Mexico. For energy rights, it will basically accelerate the current situation: America gets Canadian energy dirt cheap and in perpetuity.

Over time, such consolidation of trade and "security" creates a single, continental Empire, and the individual laws of each country unaffected by the NAU won't amount to jack.

Stealth capitalism. You bet it matters. It makes the political process a cruel farce.

Once upon a time ...

...there was a thing called " the EEC " .. it was sold to the European population
as an "economic treaty" and ALL politicians would ridicule anybody who claimed that it's goal was to create
"The United States of Europe" .
Now we have an elected "European Parliament" (= The House of Commons)
and a non-elected " EU-commission" (= The House of Lords); our passports all look the same and so does the money (the "Euro").
ALL EU-members are obligated by the treaty to turn any directive from the non-elected commision
into national law and do so routinely and often without even reading the thousands of directives .
In my country these directives are passed by our Parliament in two annual sessions that could be compared to a Moon-wedding
and "our" politicians openly admit that they don't even read the directives .

But I guess I just lost it; the politicians keep assuring me that it is only an economic treaty to do with coal, steel, fishing and agriculture ...
as does the local news-paper who's editor-in-chief is a Bilderberg-attendant .
What does all this have to do with 9-11 ? Maybe it's part of WHY 9-11 was carried out .... but that's a thing we rarely discuss here.
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

The NAU is one more step in destroying this country

bush and his crime family are traitors in the highest well as congress
since they're allowing it to happen.

They have plans in place to do away with each country's currency and replacing it
with the "Amero".

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