9/11 Truth Activist Jimmy Walter Gives Up

I hadn't visited this site in a little while, but just last night, as I checked out the status of Jimmy Walter's reopen911.org, I found this on the home page: He is giving up 9/11 activism and his million-dollar-challenge to prove explosives were not used is now no longer active. I guess he feels exhausted, probably the way Cindy Sheehan felt when she said she had had enough.


Welcome to 1984!

When Bush and the Republican Senate blocked the fully funded Iraq troop bill containing a withdrawal timetable, THEY were the ones not supporting our troops. The submission of the Democrats on this and the failure of the media to point it out, the Democrat's failure to impeach Bush over the falsified evidence leading to the war and other high crimes and misdemeanors far worse that Clinton's sex scandal, their failure to impeach2 Gonzales, their failure to investigate and prosecute the vote fraud in the last two presidential elections, the quick concession of the last two presidential elections by Gore and then Kerry (a Skull and Bones member) when the exit polls all showed that they won, and the Democrat's acceptance of the obviously flawed congressional 9/11 investigation clearly shows that the Democratic “opposition” is fake, designed to fail, that they and the media are controlled by our real rulers who are never seen.

No objective person can look at the absence of wreckage at the Pentagon and the WTC building 7 collapse and not know something is terribly wrong with the official story. Without doubt, the leadership and many members of the main stream media3, Democrats, Republicans, FBI, CIA, MI6, Mossad, the Israeli, British, Russian, European, and Asian governments know the truth or are involved in the September 11, 2001 attack. Not even Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Iran, or leftist media will devote time and resources to expose the lies.

“9/11” is neither the first nor an isolated incident, just “their” latest contemptuous slapping of our faces to keep us shocked and in line. Consider that Tom Hanks will star in a TV series this year "proving" that JFK was killed by Oswald alone. No serious researcher nor a US Court4 believes that. “They” control the media which controls the minds of the majority.

That then do we do? Fight on, sacrificing all? How? The protests are under-reported and ignored. The elections are rigged. Violence will only give them the excuse they want for martial law.

Help those that are near you bear the pain and prepare for the disasters that are coming for “they” will not give up or stop here. There will be more “terrorist” attacks, some blamed on Iran, to justify attacking Iran, staying in Iraq, and war without end.

This site remains up for those who want to know. I have given up. I no longer answer email, give away DVD’s, or support the $1,000,000 challenge (which no NIST, FEMA, or other credible engineer or scientist has dared to accept). Good luck to all. It will not be a good night.


Jimmy Walter

i think his heart was in the

i think his heart was in the right place(maybe?)but wearing a chicken on your head and a flight suit(i get it, Bush is a chicken hawk)either showed a lack of judgement or showed that he didnt take 9/11 very seriously. i think he took it seriously so its probably just his judgement thats suspect. i have a question though, please feel free to answer, its to anyone who knows. but what is this about a TV series with Tom Hanks proving Oswald acted alone? anybody know anything about it? sounds ridiculous........

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


isnt this the same guy that penn and teller made a mockery of along with eric hufshmidt? dressed in some chicken suit or something just as silly. well.. i say bye and dont let the door hit your ass on the way out. that piece still haunts me... what kind of imbecile lets two smarmy freaks like penn and teller make them look like such a dolt? jimmy.. thank you for leaving you were an embarrassment, probably disinfo.


Cut and Run Bastid!

Isn't he that rich guy?

I don't know what he did with his money to help 9/11 Truth, but I didn't see it. (money for anyone or any results)

How about taking that $1,000,000 (or "one of your million dollars") and investing it in 9/11 Truth and Justice???

All I ever hear from 9/11 Truth and Justice activists and grassroots organizations is "if only we had some money...", and "we don't have enough money to do that...", and related comments and scenarios. And usually we're only talking a few hundred dollars, or at most a few thousand dollars.

If he gave $1,000 to 1,000 grassroots organizations, that would make a HUGE dent in 9/11 Truth. (and I doubt very much if there are even 1,000 9/11 Truth groups — which would just mean more for the rest of us)

(oh, man! my mouth waters as to what we could do with $1,000.....)

But he didn't and probably never will or would.

How about taking a few dollars and putting on late-night and weekend half-hour "paid advertisement" shows about 9/11 Truth all over the country? (usually only a few hundred $ an hour, or so, depending on time slot)

For about $5,000 a company in Sacramento will print a "door-knocker" (about 3 inches wide and 8 inches long with the cutout holes) with whatever you want on it and they will put them on about 30,000 doors in Chico, CA. (that includes the cost of paying the poor bastards who have to walk around and put them on — we could probably get it for cheaper if we could get people off their asses and go around and hang them ourselves)

For probably less than about $0.20 (twenty cents) you could send a full-color glossy 9/11 Truth postcard using bulk mail to "everyone in the country" — well, okay, only five million people for one million dollars. (or thereabouts, you may have to take overhead costs into account — however, if he paid the cost of printing and bulk mail postage costs, WE (Chico 9/11 Truth and other local activists in each city) would take care of getting our local post office to send them to our 30,000 residents — it's the least we could do if he could summon the intestinal fortitude to spend a few dollars for a program like that)

How about starting a REAL non-profit 9/11 Truth organization that local groups could become part of as an umbrella protection for 501(c)(3) tax-free (and legal) donations, and as a support and training and resource center, with real, professional, paid people whose job it is to help move the movement forward in any way they can. The 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement is still back in the dark ages, relatively speaking, like the Animal Rights and Environmental Movements were 20 and 30 years ago. We've come up to speed pretty quickly, but we're still lagging behind. And it shows — in affect and results and in other areas.

And that's just quickly off the top of my head.

We JUST started a local "Chico Patriots" group (separate from our 9/11 Truth group) and our primary goal and focus is impeachment. And we have already had discussions about not having any money to do anything, and having to pay for stuff out of our meager pockets, and using some of our meager 9/11 Truth funds and resources to get the new group going, etc., etc., etc. This is something that should have been started several years ago, and there were some who tried, but couldn't get enough support to do it, and we are WAY behind starting this late. But we just got almost 200 people (in 4 hours on a Saturday morning) to sign a petition to give to our local City Council and County Board of Supervisors to get them to pass an impeachment resolution. (part of that success was a local sign-maker donating an Impeach! vinyl sign that grabbed people's attention, which we could not have afforded to pay for)

And so it goes.

Maybe "they" finally "got to him". Or maybe he was one of their "shills" all along. (see? I can be just as paranoid as the next person)


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Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein