Are You Ready for the Next 9/11? Here's How to Take Action Now

This just crossed my screen: IS 21st AUGUST 2007 THE DATE OF THE NEXT 9/11 ???"

Talk about last-minute notice. I'm dropping everything to put up some Next 9/11 Action Labels on my site so activists can sticker them around now -- whether or not there is a false flag terror attack tomorrow.

The centerpiece is a bit of artwork with icons saying
CIA + 9/11 = DIY.
See it at

Quickest will be to print out your own labels using this art and stick them in phone booths, public bathrooms, on bulletin boards etc. Insert this image into a document and print out labels using your own text. If you don't have adhesive label paper, use plain paper and clear tape.

For instance, with one line of text, "9/11 Was an Inside Job. Like 3/11, 7/7 & the Next One........"
You can write in the date when it happens on the dotted line.
Or 3 lines: "Remember 9/11 Was an Inside Job. Like 3/11, 7/7 -- and the Next One......... Don't Let Terrorists Take Away Your Freedom." (See )

I will also upload a page of 30 labels as a pdf file ASAP as well as a doc file to make your own to fit your own labels. See materials under the directory.

Here's the rest of that message predicting the big hit tomorrow:

"The Madrid bombings took place 911 DAYS after 9/11/01

The London bombings took place whilst the World leaders were at the GG* and were on hand to condemn terrorists in Scotland. It also took place during a "drill" about terrorism in London.

The London bombings took place on 7th July 2005, that's 7/7/5.
Count 775 days forward and you have 21st August 2007.

21st Aug 2007 is at the same time that the leaders of Mexico, USA and Canada are meeting in Montebello in Canada. It is also one of 4 days that a FULL SCALE "drill" about a terrorist nuclear attack on Portland is taking place."

"Are You Ready for the Next 9/11" is also the motto on the flyers I'm trying to get out to bookstores in time for 9/11. (see

The idea for labels came from listening to Kevin Barrett on Webster Tarpley's World Crisis Radio show on GCNLive. Kevin has this great idea to put up Inside Job banners when the next 9/11 hits. [Bad link] I'm going to buy some too. Meanwhile, there are Remember 9/11 was an Inside Job stickers you can use, not only for bumpers, for as little as 20 cents each – see I will also offer sheets of pre-printed CIA+911=DIY adhesive labels at cost there.

I got the idea for the DIY abbreviation from the German hip hop hit 9-11 Selbst gemacht – which translates to Do It Yourself or Inside job.

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Noble (as in Dynamit Nobel?) Resolve (as in Decider?)

This morning first thing I put NEWS into the address bar on my browser to see if Portland is still there.
What comes up but the CNN page with this TOP ESTORY:

Sunny Portland, Oregon
When the sun comes out to stay, there's much more to the City of Roses than coffee and books"

Ya, coffee and books sounds pretty nice to me.
According to, the sun will come out on Friday, the last day of the Dynamite Decision Drill.