Condi, Osama and Lee, and a Good Question for Investigative Reporters

Last year at about this time, 9/11 Commission chairman Lee Hamilton was interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. This interview is incredible, to say the least, and represents an outstanding example of the need for 9/11 truth.

At the time, Hamilton was trying to sell his new book, “Without Precedent", in which he and co-chairman Thomas Kean described how frustrated they were with repeated misstatements by the Defense Department and the Federal Aviation Agency during the investigation, and how they considered an investigation into possible deception.

But the interview also showed how utterly clueless Hamilton actually was, and apparently still is today, about the most basic aspects of the events of 9/11.

When asked about the demolition hypothesis, Hamilton said – “The charge that dynamite, or whatever, brought down the World Trade Towers, we of course looked at very carefully - we find no evidence of that. We find all kinds of evidence that it was the airplanes that did it.”

Hamilton then clarified – “What caused the collapse of the buildings, to summarize it, was that the super-heated jet fuel melted the steel super-structure of these buildings and caused their collapse.”

For those who don’t know, only Osama bin Laden himself still promotes the “super-heated jet fuel melted the steel super-structure” theory, or so says the US State department. According to Ms. Rice’s debunking page “The Top September 11 Conspiracy Theories”, Osama claimed in his confession video that “Due to my experience in this field, I was thinking that the fire from the gas in the plane would melt the iron structure of the building.”

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Condi, Osama and Lee might want to check with FEMA or NIST, or really anybody, on that one, because on this issue, they are several false stories behind the curve.

Apart from the fact that the jet fuel at the WTC was gone in 5 to 10 minutes, long before the towers fell, we all know that jet fuel fires can’t melt steel. Here’s a reference for those who are interested in the temperatures of turbulent, diffusion flames, like those of a hydrocarbon pool fire.

“ Slightly above the base of the fire begins the continuous flame region. Here the temperatures are constant and are slightly below 900°C.”

“Above the solid flame region is the intermittent flame region. Here the temperatures are continuously dropping as one moves up the plume. The visible flame tips correspond to a temperature of about 320°C.”

“Finally, beyond the flame tips is the thermal plume region, where no more flames are visible and temperature continually drop with height.”

That pretty well explains why NIST measured steel temperatures of only about 250 °C. (Condi, Osama and Lee might note that steel melts at 1530 °C.) Of course, to be fair, in October 2004, NIST tried to convince us that vast quantities of steel in the WTC towers had “softened”, leading to collapse of the buildings.

When I challenged them on this, noting that steel softens at around 1000 °C, they started having closed door meetings and put their report off another seven months. Interestingly, the word “softened” does not appear anywhere in NIST’s final report. So maybe Condi, Osama and Lee shouldn’t feel so bad after all.

But here’s another kicker. When Hamilton was asked if he, himself, had any unanswered questions about 9/11, he responded --

“I could never figure out why these 19 fellas did what they did. We looked into their backgrounds. In one or two cases, they were apparently happy, well-adjusted, not particularly religious - in one case quite well-to-do, had a girlfriend. We just couldn’t figure out why he did it. I still don’t know. And I think one of the great unanswered questions - a good topic for investigative reporters - would be: why did these 19 do what they did? We speculated in the report about why the enemy hates us, but we simply weren’t able to answer the questions about the 19.”

Amazing but true.

I guess that WOULD be a good question for investigative reporters. You know, because among other things we have killed around a million people, and thrown out our constitution, based on the story that Condi, Osama and Lee are selling.

Maybe it is time to understand just why “the enemy hates us.” More importantly, maybe it’s time to understand who the enemy is.

Another burning question.

Thank you, Kevin. We’re all agreed that jet fuel fires didn’t melt the steel. But what caused the melting several weeks later? Thermite (or thermate) seems to slice through steel immediately and then cool off fairly rapidly. Could it have created the rivers of molten metal described by eyewitnesses in late October 2001? Some witnesses even reported molten steel six months later.

I just read a hypothesis by The Anonymous Physicist (Spooked) that this could only be caused by a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. Which means some kind of nuclear device must have been used to bring down the towers, despite everything I’d read to the contrary (mostly by Dr. Steven Jones). Not to start a flame war here, but how credible is this?
See “China Syndrome at the WTC”.

A greater crime continues

Obviously we are not "all agreed that that jet fuel fires didn't melt the steel", which is one reason why we have a problem. Perhaps I didn't explain who Condi and Lee were.

But prematurely trotting down the road to another elaborate explanation will not help us either, and is another, perhaps larger, part of the problem. Those who would stall our progress work from exactly that premise.

I hate to say this to such brave patriots, but we need to focus. If you have evidence, share it. But remember that the far greater crime of the cover-up of 9/11 continues to this day.


I am not saying that mini-nukes were used to bring down the towers but I always like to keep an open mind on such things. I think it is a possibility that the NWO boys took out the core columns with mini-nukes. It sure would explain the molten steel. The thing is that we will never really know until a real investigation is done or someone in the know talks which isn't likely to happen. Nothing the NWO boys do or have done surprises me anymore.

Who the f*ck is Osama ?

and what has he got to do with anything ?
leaving us with Condi and Hamilton as the liars .
or maybe Hamilton doesn't even believe his owns lies anymore, it sure sounds like that ..
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

Let us not forget who brought us

molten metal dur to hot fires as the main cause for the collapses in the first place. It was Bush family fellow Garrick Utley on 3.10 am on 01-09-12 live on CNN.

Pretty fast analysis, indeed.

He (or his masters) was also the source for all the newspapers that run this story, defeating the "explosions" at WTC stories who out earlier.
And by the way, he was the source for the "unbelievable" hit fires, as the "forgot" to mention the grade type, with his 1.500 degree of...


And we shouldn't forget NIST John Gross,w ho denied molten metal outright. Guys, this is "the fog of war", the information war.

Let us not forget who brought us ...

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"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

Nice article

Great little article, Kevin. It's hard to believe that TV shows have paraded Lee Hamilton on as an authority on 9/11. Yet, as this CBC interview shows, when it comes to the most important aspects of 9/11, he is utterly clueless. He doesn't even seem to have done the most basic of research.

Bin Laden's Exact Words On That Tape

This from the best translation available.

It is the translation done for ABC News that debunked the Pentagon's.

As an Arab speaker who has done extensive work on that "Confession Tape", you can read most of the articles and view the tape at, I have also done a comparison between the Arabic transcript and the translation and I am in agreement.

Bin Laden's own words, full paragaph, time stamp means 11 minutes, 53.06 seconds into the tape:

9/11 OBL
11:53:06 (unclear) We planned and made calculations. We sat and estimated the casualties
that the enemy. We figured that [the casualties would be] the number of passengers
in the four planes, those will die. In regard to the towers, we assumed the [casualties]
would be the number of people in the three or four floors that the planes crash into.

That was all we estimated. I was the most optimistic. Due to the nature of my profession
and work {construction}, I figured that fuel in the plane would raise the temperature
of the steel to the point that becomes red and almost loses its properties. So if the plane
hits the building here [gestures with hands], the portion of the building above will
collapse. That was the most we could hope for, the most we expected: that the floors
above the point of entry would fall. We were at one of the canyons at the time of the event,
and we knew since Thursday that it would be on Tuesday. So we had the radio on.
We estimated that it’s morning over there, during work hours {in USA}, Here it was 5:30
[pm]. Dr. Ahmad Abu al-Khair and I were sitting, and I told him that if you hear the
radio announcing a breaking news, you must immediately prostrate on the ground
[pray in thanks to God], because it means the brothers struck. So we set the radio to
London Radio [BBC] and the anchor is talking about news here and there. This, that and
the other. The news program was almost done, but all of the sudden, he said we
have breaking news. “A plane has hit the World Trade Center.” We said God is great and
we prostrated. The brothers that were there were overjoyed.

In peace
Maher Osseiran

All the more reason to doubt its authenticity

Thanks for the translation, in which the alleged bin-Laden conforms so well to what the partisans of the 'war on terror' want us to believe with regard to why the buildings collapsed. All the more reason to see this 'confession' tape as the work of U.S. intelligence. Horrendous science coming from both sides in the allged 'war on terror' gives further support to the view that they are, indeed, one and the same side.

RM, I guess you did not visit the website

RM, maybe I should make it easier for you.

Just read this article "The hijacking of a Terrorism Plot!" found at

You might also want to read articles by Bryan Sacks on 911truth.

In peace

Legendary Political Fixer - Lee Hamilton

As Larry Chin and others have documented..

The 9/11 Independent Commission was an orchestrated cover-up, controlled by the Bush White House and Bush Justice Department, headed by Bush-appointed directors, and run by legendary Washington fixers and veteran war criminals with direct ties to the most likely 9/11 planners, operatives and beneficiaries.

Lee Hamilton featured prominently as an Iran-Contra fixer. As House chairman of the committee investigating Iran-Contra, Hamilton believed that it was "better to keep the public in the dark" than investigate "another Watergate." He casually accepted the word of senior Reagan-Bush officials, including George H.W. Bush himself, who claimed that they were "out of the loop."