Adopt-A-Highway for 9/11 Truth

I don't know about other states (although I just read that there are 20 others), but California has an "Adopt-A-Highway" program that allows businesses and organizations to adopt a stretch of highway for cleanup and other reasons. For doing so, you get the name of your group (business/organization) on a sign that people can see as they drive by. It's a small (-ish) sign, but readable, especially if you use simple black lettering and your group name isn't too long. It can also have a somewhat subconscious and subliminal effect, I'm sure, even if people don't actually consciously see it and read it. (which might actually be even better)

So my idea is to create a group called "9/11 Was An Inside Job" and have multiple local member groups in each city so that they can all use the same name. And that name can be put on the signs.

I don't have the time or energy to do it myself, but I thought I would put the idea out there so that maybe someone else would want to do it. In California and other states that have similar programs.

And maybe other groups with the name "9/11" would want to do it, too. Apparently you can also use your website name if that is the name of your group and it is the primary name you use to signify your group, like "", for example. ("operate exclusively on the Internet") And there might be other names that would be good to use, as well.

The website that talks about the program is:

I don't think their information about what actually consists of a valid "group" is very clear, which is probably typical for a government agency program. But they do make an attempt to lay out the rules at this location:

So, just because we call ourselves Chico 9/11 Truth, for example, doesn't necessarily makes us "a real group". So I don't know what they would say if we tried to adopt a highway. And would they allow us to use All of that can be worked out, however. This is what they have to say about valid groups:

Verifying a Group Name

Coordinators may ask for a copy of the company’s business license to verify business name. Corporations and “S” corporations can be
asked to submit copies of their articles of incorporation. Fictitious business name statements cannot be used for business name verification,
but they may be used to verify the relationship between a parent company and a subsidiary. A Certificate of Registration (issued by the Secretary of State) is acceptable verification for out-of-state web entities.

They state in their rules that "Although there is advertising value inherent in the recognition panels, they are not intended to be an advertising medium." However, a certain amount of "advertising" and "marketing" and "name recognition" is inherent due to the nature of the thing. Taking advantage of it for 9/11 Truth is just as valid as anything and anyone else. They might try to stop you, but the KKK won a lawsuit because they tried to stop them, so they pretty much have to let you do it as long as you follow their rules for being a valid group.

I also couldn't see anything about it costing money, but it might. (although it seems to be free)

I wish I did have the time and energy to do this because it's one of my better ideas.(don't forget to post back and let us know if you do it, or something like it)