Prison "Viewers See History Channel 9/11 Special As Straw Man Hit Piece"

Viewers See History Channel 9/11 Special As Straw Man Hit Piece

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Initial reaction to last night's two hour History Channel Special on the 9/11 truth movement was vehement and conclusive - the show was nothing more than another biased hit piece that manufactured straw man arguments, ignored key evidence, and afforded debunkers to talk at length while ridiculing any other viewpoints.

According to viewers who were unfortunate to have to sit through 120 minutes of yellow journalism, the program was very similar to a previous BBC hit piece - an outright smear attempt that abandoned any pretense of neutrality early on and sought to vigorously attack so-called conspiracy theories.

Though producers of the show promised Alex Jones directly that the documentary was not going to be a hit piece, according to viewers it was replete with distortion and deception, all delivered in the kind of condescending tone we have become used to from the establishment media.

According to 9/11 researcher James Gourley, the debunkers attempted to wriggle out of Secretary Norman Mineta's bombshell testimony about Cheney's actions in the Emergency Operations Center, by claiming that Mineta was talking about Flight 93 and not the plane that hit the Pentagon. In reality, Mineta makes it clear in his testimony that he is talking about Flight 77, "the airplane coming in to the Pentagon," and this is then confirmed by Commissioner Lee Hamilton...


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One of the outrageous claims

One of the outrageous claims made was that WTC7 was hollow at the base. How does this square with info on the web that WTC7 had 24 massive core columns and 40 perimeter columns?

History Channel Hit Piece:

History Channel Hit Piece: Dirty Tricks, Malicious Lies & Journalistic Fraud
The real story behind Brad Davis, NBC, Popular Mechanics and the History Channel - media whore stooges who engaged in deliberate deception, manipulation and chicanery to please their corporate bosses

The History Channel 9/11 special that aired last night was by far the worst hit piece we have ever witnessed, a completely savage, dishonest and deceptive abomination, replete with dirty tricks, malicious lies and a level of journalistic fraud that goes way beyond simple bias.

Bradley Davis, the producer of the show, is a paid liar and a hit piece specialist who deceives people by gaining their confidence and then attacking them behind their back.

Before filming began, Alex Jones asked Davis point blank if the documentary was going to be a hit piece, which Davis denied. After we brought attention to the History Channel's blurb on their website, which clearly characterized the show as a hit piece, Davis panicked and promised to alter the promo, calling it a "misrepresentation," as well as re-edit the entire program to make it more balanced. The promo temporarily disappeared from the website and the broadcast of the show was put back by a week.

During the course of this second exchange, Davis again promised Jones that the show was not going to be a hit piece and was very upset that we had discovered he was behind the NBC hit piece on Jackson - seemingly frightened that his cover might be blown and his next victim would be alerted to his scheming tricks. He was terrified and kept repeating that he didn't want to be quoted on anything he said.

Just like Popular Mechanics swore that their straw man smear job wouldn't be a hit piece, Davis engaged in journalistic fraud and complete dishonesty by lying directly to Alex Jones' face in claiming the documentary was to be neutral just so he could secure the interview.

The show itself was deliberately crafted, edited, shot and manipulated to portray the 9/11 truth movement in a completely negative light, while exalting the so-called experts to almost God-like status.

- The program makers pulled out all the stops to hire nationally renowned NBC news anchor Lester Holt (pictured) to narrate the show, a trusted voice that was utilized to brutally debunk 9/11 truth representatives.

- The debunkers, people like James Meigs whose scientific expertise stretches as far as being the editor of Video Review and Entertainment Weekly, were labeled as experts while real experts like Physicist Professor Steven Jones were stripped of any such description.

- The debunkers' interviews were pristinely shot and framed, with beautiful backdrops and highly sympathetic camera angles and filters, whereas the truthers were shot from bizarre positions, their images were deliberately distorted and even the color filter of the shot had been manipulated to make their appearance look tainted, blurred and contorted. This was an intentional ploy and a crude act of manipulation to detract credibility from the truthers and violates all known ethical standards of journalism.

- Articles and text from 9/11 truth websites were shown, but the actual URL addresses of the sites were blurred out, with the History Channel obviously frightened that people might actually visit such websites and find out that the program was a pack of lies.

- The wargames that dovetailed 9/11 and deliberately confused NORAD personnel so as to slow response to the real attack were completely excluded.

- The Able Danger program and how the hijackers were discovered before 9/11 was completely excluded.

- The fact that the money man behind the hijackers, Pakistan’s ISI Chief Mahmoud Ahmad, was meeting with U.S. government and intelligence officials before and on the morning of 9/11, was completely excluded.

- William Rodriguez' first-hand testimony of explosions prior to the impact of the planes was completely excluded, as was the testimony of numerous firefighters who attested to bombs and explosions.

As we expected all along, Brad Davis and the rest of the charlatans at NBC, the History Channel and Popular Mechanics, have pleased their corporate masters by unleashing the most twisted, distorted, dishonest and savage hit piece in television history. They have shown their hand by deliberately abandoning any pretense at ethical journalism and delivering exactly what their Hearst "yellow journalism" Publishing and GE bosses demanded - a bias, malicious, deceptive, and manipulative tissue of lies and another reason for Americans to disengage from an establishment media empire that continues to hemorrhage viewers on a daily basis due to its ceaseless lies and propaganda.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Show "It's a Minor Thing" by bgiltner


Another Hit piece and another series of Articles by our "leaders" about how they were tricked or duped into believeing participation into these types of propaganda pieces is somehow worth it. Give me a break.

What makes people think that any aspect of this 9/11 operation is left to chance, including the management of the inevitable "alternate explanations" or "conspiracy theories" . Every contigency would have been put in place to manage the public in an event like this including giving a microphone to a known entity that could be manged and if needed controlled.

Why should 9/11 truth community support any future participation in controlled media. At least we would know who the moles are.

because if nobody

because if nobody participates and at least tries to counter the lies and expose some of the evidence we would get a full 2 hours of Miegs and Scheuer with no opposition. just because we know the MSM is going to attack doesnt mean we should lay down and take it without a fight. and just because we boycott MSM appearances doesnt mean they wouldnt make hit-pieces. they would regardless. your argument makes no sense to me.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

The History Channel- Truth or Hack Job

Over all I am somewhat pleased with what The History Channel did. Most people that watch that channel do so because they like to learn and are therefore generally a bit more thinking people than the average.
What the History Channel did for us is to put out the questions that needed to be asked but in their mocking us they never gave us any answers to why the "official story" was sound and our research was not true.
Sadly they employed a very cheep tactic. They would show 911 truthers that were in fact experts like a "Steven Jones, Webster Tarpley, Jim Fetzer and David Ray Griffin, and label them as Conspiracy Theorists, and then put up their graphic "EXPERT" and show someone who was far less qualified.
They mocked evidence and the film Loose Change, and did not give any reason other than to make an accusation, endeavoring to stand on their prestige as "The History Channel". Therefore we should just believe them. They Never told you that " Popular Mechanics" and "The History Channel" are both owned by Hurst Publications.(although Disney and NBC own part of the History Channel)
I am convinced that this piece can only help spread the truth, because those thinking people that were not already familiar with these things, will look into it and find out the truth based on who really has the evidence. Those that are blind and will not face the truth but rather spread hate and fear, will just continue in their blindness.
A poster in the comments below said this:
It always amazes me how when these shills attack the 911 truthers, they never back it up with any evidence of their reasons for believing the government lies. All they can or seem to want to do is attack the messengers, like we are any less American then they are. How sad will it be for them on that day of Judgment.
Well Said!

Send history channel your comments on program

Despite the derision, which

Despite the derision, which seems to be the number one strategy among the "debunkers," this hit piece did something for us, that should be noted. It gave excuses of course, but the amount of anomolies that day, were odd, regardless of what "excuses" they had. THAT is noteworthy.

Also, the "debunkers" ought to be called out on their dirty attempts at shaming people. It is a major strategy. It is absolutely necessary to point that out. It doesn't work for the more objective among us. They humiliate people though, into even thinking for themselves, for fear of looking like a "looney". Never mind that we are the ones with the independence of thought, yet willing to look to professionals (which we have a plentitude of) maintaining objectivity, and LACK of self doubt, enough to bypass all of that.

So, the attempts, by ridicule to discredit, it ought to be presented back to them, you are onto them, and it shows lack of counter points, on their side.

Amazingly enough, although we have the fortuitude to bypass it, being called "looney" is a little annoying, they dare say we are just trying to get attention. Gheesh, like that is worthwhile, being called "looney". I don't need attention, and if I did, why would I or any of us seek that sort of attention?

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."


Your counterpoint is predictable, and is exactly what MSM is counting on. Creatvity is needed not predictability.
We need (and to some extent have) an alternative method to get the evidence out there, demonstrations, web sites, internet radio, and we can even get more creative as time and momentum builds. If MSM wants to do hit pieces with 9/11 truth moles or no voices from the truth movement let them, they will anyway, at least we do not give up our principles for "better" publicity or increased book sales. We know they are State Propaganda, plain and simple, lets not deal with them as a matter of principle.

right back at you buddy, you

right back at you buddy, you fail to take into account that all of that goes on right now (demonstrations, web sites, internet radio) and will continue to go on despite people going on MSM programs to fight back as much as they can. you act like one distracts or detracts from the other. its not about principle, you admit yourself that the hit-pieces will be made if 9/11 truthers choose to appear or not so we might as well not make things easier on P.M., History etc. by boycotting. you say throw in the towel and boycott all MSM offers and i say thats making their job easier by giving up on 1 avenue(and making it look like nobody wants to defend 9/11 truth), controlled as it is. thats not principle its just tactically wrong. its not about publicity its about fighting back where we can.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

they are playing a different game

I do think they detract from alternate media efforts. it is a path of least resistance, we can somehow devise a plan to reach as many people as possible or we can wait until the next MSM opportunity to get the real message out there. Which will ultimately be sabotaged.

and I agree we are fighting back and we should. But it is on their terms they decide when, where and how they want us to fight back, in other words they are controlling our message in their editting rooms and with their subtle camera tricks. By allowing them to control the message, our techniques and energy to get the real message out will remain the same. Predicable, controllable and ultimately ineffective. It is like asking your enemy to provide your ammunition, they are going to give you mostly blanks and every once and awhile give you a real bullet so you keep coming to them for more chances to find the next real bullet in a case of empty shells. It is a form of control.

We need to create a bigger and larger communication link than Hearst or GE or "A & E". Stop relying on corporate media to some how come around and see the light, We need some outside the box offensive tactics not the same old defensive ones, but in the absense of creating these kind of tactics, I agree that we need to take the ones that are so graciously handed to us by our MSM whores, their thirst for ratings and profits might overtime get us and them the same results as the Kennedy Assasination.