A protesters view from outside the SPP meeting in Montebello, Quebec, Canada.

I was at the front of the protest group right at the police line on Monday August 20, 2007 and saw the pushing and shoving of protesters from the police who in turn pushed back. The police provoked the violence and shoving by pushing the protesters back about 10 to 15 feet from the original police line, this is when the protesters started to escalate their activity and pepper spray was used on few who were resisting the police line and I thought I saw one person get tasered or shot at by another device from the police. Rocks were thrown at the police who were in riot gear and from what I saw one officer was injured in the exchange. For about an hour or two after that the protesters were very peaceful, banging on homemade drums made out of empty 5 gallon buckets and chanting anti SPP slogans. A van with loud speakers on the roof then proceeded down the road and stopped 20-25 feet away from the front line. People bobbed their heads and danced to the music pumping out of the loud speakers, then people started to talk on the mic, this got the protesters pumped up but still peaceful. When the police had enough they pelted the van with tear gas which caused the crowd to get angry and the rocks started to be thrown again but this time it got ugly. Rubber bullets where used, tear gas by the dozen were hurled into the crowd. I was off to one side of the front line by this time my eyes still burning from the tear gas when the police started to surge forward again pushing people off their feet. I saw 3 people get arrested from this confrontation. Two fires were lit on the street, one fire was from a globe made from wire and newspaper the other was picket signs. From what I saw, THE POLICE BROUGHT ON THE VIOLENCE BY GASSING THE VAN AND THE PEOPLE AROUND IT! Can you say police state! Here's a small collection of pics on that day.

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Watch agent provacateurs try to start a riot

There's a youtube video showing a couple rock wielding, masked demonstrators at an anti-SPP protest apparently trying to start a riot and bring on an attack by a nearby riot squad on the peaceful demonstrators. These "anarchists" get challenged by one of the organizers and told to clear off and as they argue back and forth it becomes apparent to the organizer trying to defuse the situation that they are likely undercover cops and he challenges them out loud that they are really cops. After they realize the game is up, they don't try to get away like you might expect a real anarchist would do. Instead, they force their way past the peaceful demonstrators and straight into the line of riot cops standing behind the protesters apparently as if they wanted to be captured.

The consensus from those at the scene is that they really were cops in disguise trying to provoke a disturbance so the riot squad could be called in to beat in a few heads.

Watch the video clip here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St1-WTc1kow

Agents Provacateur

If you're going to do stuff like that (protesting), you need to be prepared.

Join the Boy Scouts, or something, and learn a thing or two.

(unless you're gay or believe that they are mini-freemasons)

All you need are some one, two, three, or five gallon plastic paint cans with a thick ring of flexible tub and tile or door and window sealant around the edge and plop it over the tear gas canister. (you can even sit on it) All available pretty cheaply at your local home store.

Problem solved.

People are going to have to start edumacating themselves about this stuff. Read Abbey Hoffman's "Steal This Book" and other stuff like that, much of it on the web now.

Everything old is new again.

btw -- Unless a few of you get shot and killed like Kent State, screaming "Police State!" just seems a bit silly and melodramatic. I'm just saying.

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Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein

Are you for real?

Obviously doughnut you have never been to a protest. Those tear gas cans explode well before they stop moving, usually in the air.

I have never been gassed

But the majority of the gas comes out after they hit the ground.

So you can either suck it up and vomit it out, or do something about it to protect yourself, and others, if you care.

Don't be a victim.

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Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein


I heard of that but did not see it.

Thanks, I heard that something had happend down there but I was at the other end of the street near the entrance of the Chateau Montebello where the original confontation with police and protesters took place. This video took place while the front line calmed down for a few hours. The police like I said provoked more violence after thier bid to start something at the other end of the street was stopped by gassing the van at the other end, they got to use thier toys like gas and rubber bullets. Thanks goodness for cameras and strong non-violent Canadians!

I was there, too

I was disappointed that only about 2000 North Americans felt it necessary to show up and protest the loss of national sovereignty for Canada, America, and Mexico. Good for those who were there.

This event epitomized where we are at as North Americans. Consider the "elected" leaders hiding inside the chateau. Harper and Calderon had about 36% of the popular vote in the last elections, and Calderon's victory was obviously fraudulent. Bush's victory was also an obvious fraud, and his approval rating is in the 20s right now. In other words, these guys are not the choice of the people of North America. Do they act like representatives of minority governments? No, they hold secret meetings with 30 CEOs about the future of the way WE live. When people protest, they show contempt for us. Harper called the protesters "sad". Does he apologize for his arrogance? No. None of them do.

I'm sure the kids at the front of the protest felt they were accomplishing something by clashing with police, and I wish I had their courage (and a gas mask), but honestly I don't think that accomplishes much. Some of the police said to us that they didn't want to be there. So look at the situation: working class people (police and protesters) knocking heads so some power elites can carve up the North American pie behind our backs. Not much is accomplished by this, except for some media coverage. But I don't get the sense that the public at large knows what's going on here, or why protesters were in Montebello. The infowar is our last resort, because the elites have the advanced weaponry.

To sum up: corporate-sponsored public leaders who received less than half the popular vote met in a secluded and private chateau to discuss matters of public policy with corporate CEOs and without public consultation. When the public asked for a meeting with these publicly elected leaders, they were met by police in riot gear and told to practice their right to free speech and assembly in a fenced off field away from the chateau.

Does this sound like democracy to anyone?


I remember the hiatus of globalization protests (ie. Seattle WTO/Quebec FTAA etc) after 9/11, however am encouraged by reinvigorated demonstrations in 07'. Congrats!

Psychodelic Resistance

I read somewhere once that anti-war "hippie peace protesters" in the 60's used to put LSD tabs dissolved in water pistols and squirt the cops with them and that made the cops fall down and jerk around. Maybe they put DMSO in the water, too, for extra punch and quick effect.

Does anyone know if this is true, or mythos, or urban legend?

It would be a bit rude to do to someone, but I could see where someone might think a storm trooper psycho-cop would deserve treatment like that.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Ain't life grand?

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Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein