9/11 Unmasked

It just occured to me that we should wear those cheap nuisance dust masks with "9-11" written on them in big black marker at the Sept. 11,2007 and the 11th of the Month protests, in honor of the NYC dust victims, and to call for our elected leaders to "unmask" the Truth of 9/11.


I like it.

Good call!

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The Chuck Sheen?


Are you THAT [Hollywood's] "Chuck" Sheen, as in Martin's son?

GREAT idea!


If there is enough space, "9/11 Truth".

(maybe even make some up since they are relatively cheap and hand them out to people while tabling and protesting, etc.)

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Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. — Robert Heinlein

protection form pepper spray / tear gas?

looks like a good idea,. you can write on those with a sharpie simple,.
how much protection from pepper spray and tear gas would those masks provide, could have viniger handy if the cops act up,.

Not all the cops are jackbooted thugs

Here in SLC, UT- heart of the "reddest state in the nation" our small group of war protesters rarely gets a look from the police (of course there are usually only 10 of us). We have actually had some federal employees clandestinely purchase "Impeach" T-shirts from us a couple of times, waayy on the down-low. We do get some discreet thumbs up from a few police cruisers as they pass, too.

I'd expect our Sept 11 actions to be considerably larger though- Steven Jones has had a strong effect in Utah county, 40 miles south of SLC. I guess the combination of Mayor Rocky Anderson and the "police state" rave bust in Utah county back in 2004? has created a "unique" situation here.

Check this out...


I found this after browsing for vinegar and tear gas on the web. This has some interesting tips on how to avoid and/or treat problems from police chemical attacks during a demonstration.

Open Source

Oh, I initially forgot to say this is a copy-left, open-source idea- you artist and entrepeneur types are welcome to run with it!