Mike Gravel Supports 9-11 Criminal Investigation On Air, a week after Mike Medved says "No" to Respectful and Rational Dialogue

Today, August 21, 2007, on the Michael Medved show, Presidential candidate Mike Gravel reconfirmed his support for an independent investigation of 9-11-01 and affirmed his support for a criminal investigation as well. I wanted to see if he would go a little further than he has in the past, having learned a bit in the interim from the 9-11 Truth movement, but he fell back on things he has said before. Still, he affirmed support for a criminal investigation and made it explicit that any investigation should be free of government interest. Here is the recording: Click here to watch 'Mike-Gravel-part-1--asked-about-9-11-Investigation-on-Medved-show-8-21-07'

After I got cut off, Medved asked Gravel whether he thought JFK's assassination was a conspiracy. Gravel, having referenced the Warren Commission before, said he didn't think so, but he had questions about Ruby shooting Oswald. Medved told him to read Vincent Bugliosi's book "Reclaiming History."
I didn't catch all of the response on recording, but here is the part I did: Click here to watch 'Mike-Gravel-part-2--asked-about-9-11-Investigation-on-Medved-show-8-21-07'

Just last week, Medved said "no" to my offer of a rational and respectful dialogue about the facts of 9-11. Although he is a man of ideological integrity, it is clear that he does not have the moral and intellectual fortitude to grapple with things so deep they transcend ideology altogether:
Click here to watch 'Michael-Medved-refuses-respectful-and-rational-dialogue-about-9-11-8-16-07'

I figured it was time for Medved to actually engage in a discussion about the facts rather than allow him the usual dismissive ad hominem attacks resorts to after I bring up facts that call the government's conspiracy theory of 9-11 into question:
Click here to watch 'Medved-show-w--terrorism-expert--Victor-Mordecai-' (with Victor Mordecai, "terrorism expert")

Click here to watch 'Medved-show-7-9-07-1-w-Lieutenant-Colonel-Ralph-Peters' ( part 1 with "military analyst" Ret. Col. Ralph Peters)

Click here to watch 'Medved-show-7-9-07-2-w-Lieutenant-Colonel-Ralph-Peters' (part 2 with Peters in which he says "Conspiracy theories are for Arabs"-here was my written reply to that superb geo-political analysis: http://www.911blogger.com/node/9906)

If you want to call Mike Medved yourself, his show is on 12-3 PST and his number is 1-800-955-1776 (is that for the founding of United States of America or the Illuminati?). On thursdays, he has "Disagreement Day," which is when its easy to get on about anything.

As for Mike Gravel, let's push the man who said "the military-industrial complex" on live TV to study 9-11 and step it up a notch by reminding him that Cheney is predicting a new, nuclear 9-11. He can help change history just by learning and speaking about this one event. And after he does that, he would have a much better chance to become President and institute all his interesting ideas. Contact him here: info@gravel2008.us

Would love to hear these

sadly all these recordings are worthless because they don't play more than 5 seconds without "buffering" and then it never stops buffering.
But I did get to hear your question which was a good job.