Placement for TruthBurn

TruthBurn has been placed at 7:30 (a street) and about 1500' feet from the Man. Thermite destruction is set to go off at 11pm on Friday, August 31, 2007. The piece is nearly complete and most effects have been tested successfully. If you plan on going to Burning Man please visit Tickets are still available. This was a courageous move by Burning Man to host TruthBurn. 911 activist-architect Richard Gage, AIA , will give a talk before the 11pm event. Yarrow Mahko of Guns & Butter will be DJ-ing and playing G&B MP3s.This year the theme is the Green Man. Judging by the other art installations, this promises to be a very spiritual-political Burning Man.

TruthBurn still needs your financial help. We need to raise about another $7000.00 just to meet costs. Please send your gift to using your paypal account or for a tax deductible donation please send to:
Agape/Northern California 911 Truth Alliance
(in memo section of check write “TruthBurn”)
P.O. Box 60511, Palo Alto, CA 94306

We are planning to make DVDs available of the event.

one more thing

I forgot to place a truthburn it is.

Truthburn is endorsed by Kevin Ryan, Steven Jones, Michael Woolsey , Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and many more. ..

Endorsed by

Guns and Butter too! :)

Excellent Location!

Wow, that's some prime real estate- one of the best locations on the playa! It's bound to be seen by everyone. I sure wish I could be there to help.


Schedule change

I just found out that Richard Gage can't be at Burning Man until late Friday night, so I moving the TruthBurn
thermiting back to Sunday night at 11pm. Sorry for the mix up