Recently, a call heard on this morning's Washington Journal, check the video

or watch it here by going to the Washington Journal Program for 8/22/07 and start watching a bit after the 2:40:00 mark:

After this call, a firestorm of 9-11 truth began to rage until, after multiple callers had proclaimed their doubt about the government's story, a poor Republican woman had to bemoan how she was depressed that there wasn't enough talk about Al-Qaeda and other Islamo-extremists. She then proceeded to talk about how Janet Reno was the worst AG because of Waco and Ruby Ridge. You'll find no Janet Reno apologist here. People are pissed. And they're beginning to understand who at. Let's take it to court.

I think the invisible government, in attempting to divide and conquer We the People of the United States of America, have created a radicalized people that take things to the healthy root once we have our bearings. Our job is not to further provoke extremism and reactionaries but to beckon the nation together to wash and heal our collective wounds by strengthening our commitment to the rights of liberty and the responsibility of freedom.

There has never been a more appropriate time to invoke Article III Section 3 in conjunction with all who originally coalesced the cover-up, and misprision of treason increasingly with those that continue in its complicity by attempting to uphold it. It is important to remember and articulate that on the other side of the Deception Dollar, there lies the Conception Dollar. On the other side of treason trials lies the permaculturalized Pentagon.

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