What's Really Happening at Noble Resolve

What's Really Happening at Noble Resolve

For a view of what Noble Resolve 07-2 is really about, check out this live blog by Robert Pursell from U.S. Joint Forces Command Public Affairs. He's posting directly the experiment floor.


Chief Petty Officer Chris Hoffpauir
USJFCOM Public Affairs


Are you paid to post on public blogs like this? Is this part of your job description?

Just wondering where my tax dollars go.

It's a real pity that we didn't have live blogging on tap when Global Guardian was in full swing on 9/11.

Does Cheyenne Mountain have comprehensive logs of everything that was in the air on 9/11? AWACS, commercial birds, other stuff... just curious.

How do you think it is that the rag-tag band of hijackers on 9/11 managed to pick just the day when so many drills were going on?

welcome TIA/DARPA

oh my, Total Information Awareness has come out of the closet,
and of course they don't have logs of everything, they where accidentally deleted
along with all those e-mails :)
There is only one logical explanation to how the hijackers managed to pick the right day :
It was Al-Qaeda who (re)scheduled the drills ....
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

The End of the Line

It sounds like we are in the end game. With these new executive orders and Congress not applying any checks on the President's unitary executive powers; I am worried. It sounds like they are setting up for a fight. Marshal Law has officially began.

Officer Hoffpauir, I too am just curious. Were you in the

military on 9/11? If so, were you involved in one of the drills, perhaps one that went live?

If the answer to that is yes, I will ask you what a brave, young Truther recently asked Rudolph Ghouliani to his face: How do you sleep at night?

Do you honestly think that an unrepentant member of the military-industrial complex that is responsible for the murder of 2,974 people on that day will be welcome here? Do you think we are gullible high-schoolers that thinks it's "cool,man" to drive hummers and blow shit up?

We are not going to join your side, but it you want to join ours, there is ALWAYS room for more.

"They took it from the top to the bottom, we're gonna take them from the bottom to the top." - Dan Wallace

you and Reprehensor pose some good questions......

somehow i doubt that he is going to answer them though. surprise me Chris!

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Thanks, he answered Rep's first two questions and that was

it, just bureaucratic blah-blah. Kind of reminds me of Zelikow The Robotocrat: "If we lived in a parallel universe, it would be a very different universe. In our view there is not a lot of evidence that that universe is connected to this one". .


"They took it from the top to the bottom, we're gonna take them from the bottom to the top." - Dan Wallace

Respect please

It's likely that Chris is doing his best and believes strongly in his work. Posting this on here suggests he or his superiors want transparency to alleviate people's concerns in Portland and elsewhere -- the info on the drill really went all over so it would be important to address the emotional concerns.

I doubt he's looked into much of the questions about the 9/11 wargames - most haven't - but he should be respectfully invited to do so. The timeline is the best source.

Most people on the frontlines are doing their jobs and probably do them well. It's those few at the top who have the power to stand down the planes that are doing the dirty work, the work that people like Chris probably have no idea about.



by Four Arrows (aka Don Jacobs)

Thomas H. Kean-9-11 Commission Chairman: Three questions, then I know the general
has to leave.

Audience Member: Ask about the war games that were planned for 9/11.

Kean: Commissioner Gorelick?

Audience Member: Tell us about the 9/11 war games!

Jamie S. Gorelick, Commission Member: Could you please be quiet? We have only a few
minutes with General Myers, and I’d like to ask a question. General Myers, the – I’m

Kean: I would ask please people in the audience to be quiet if you want to stay here.

– Testimony as delivered before the Sept. 11 commission on
Thursday, June 17, 2004. (1)

During the past decade, nearly 100 pilots have flown through prohibited
airspace protecting the white house. (2) Although the Federal Aviation Association
(FAA) has been criticized for not punishing the pilots more stringently,
there were seldom problems with scrambling military jets to escort
their planes quickly out of the protected area. The FAA hijack coordinator
simply requested, "escort service" from the National Military Command
Center, then North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)
escort aircraft took the required action. (3)

However, for some reason, normal procedures did not occur on September
11, 2001. In fact, responses at many levels were so unusually slow or
absent, many 9/11 researchers have written about the possibility that "stand
down" orders had been given prior to the attacks. Others, however, like
Michael Ruppert, Michael Kane and Barbara Honegger, believe it is more
likely that "war games" that were scheduled for that day were responsible
for the problems (Ruppert, 2004).

According to an Associated Press release, the U.S. government referred
to one of these military drills as "a bizarre coincidence." (4) This essay will
present evidence with which to consider whether or not the 9/11 pre-planned
events were coincidences.

For the purposes of this essay, I will use the word "war games" or "military
exercises" or "terrorist drill," etc., to mean any exercises involving governmental
agencies designed to simulate situations involving attacks on the
United States and subsequent responses. (Distinctions between war games and
terrorist drill may be significant. Although there is a difference, for convenience
sake, either "war games" or "drills" will be used here mean to describe
military exercises of all varieties.) That such drills or war games occurred on
and around September 11th in ways that may have caused people to confuse
them with "real time" responses should be of grave concern. It is hoped that
this overview, relating to six different drills scheduled for or held on this date,
will encourage more in-depth research by official agencies.

9/11 Commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste also expressed the significance
of this matter, even if indirectly, in his questioning of Col. Alan Scott and
General Craig McKinley about the one of these terror drills, ‘‘Amalgam
Virgo.’’ The following exchange can be watched in an actual on-line video

Richard Ben-Veniste, Commissioner: Isn’t it a fact, Sir, that prior to September 11th,
2001, NORAD had already in the works, plans to simulate in an exercise, a simultaneous
hijacking of two planes in the United States?

Maj. Gen. Craig McKinley: Col. Scott, do you have any data on that? I’m not aware of
that, Sir. I was not present at the time.

Richard Ben-Veniste, Commissioner: That was operation Amalgam Virgo.

Col. Alan Scott: Yes, Sir. Specifically, operation Amalgam Virgo, which I was involved
in before I retired. (5)


RE: What's Really Happening at Noble Resolve

To answer a few questions...

I'm a Navy Chief Petty Officer and have been serving for 17 years, eleven of them at sea.

For those unfamiliar with the Navy's rank structure, I'm a senior non-commissioned officer (NCO), equivalent in rank to a Marine Gunnery Sergeant or an Army Sergeant First Class.

I'm the senior NCO in U.S. Joint Forces Command's Public Affairs Office. So yes, I get paid to inform the public about how they're tax dollars are spent.

Blogging live from experiments and exercises is actually a new thing, we've only been doing it for about two years.

At the risk of sounding like I'm tooting my own horn, I was one of the first to do it. I personally blogged live from the first Noble Resolve experiment (note it is an experiment, not an exercise) in April and saw first-hand what was being done.

The whole purpose of the experiment is to find better ways to communicate bewteen federal, state and local authorities in a crisis. Nothing more, nothing less.

The scope of the "experiment"

Is kind of important.

Does the scope of the "experiment" include rapid response in case of a "Red Team" that goes "Live" during the course of the "experiment"?

For instance, on 9/11, there were hijacking exercises planned. According to researcher Don Jacobs;

‘‘Operation Vigilant Guardian,’’ a fourth drill, simulated hijacked planes.
During this event, Lt. Col. Dawne Deskins, a NORAD control and warning
officer, took the call from the Boston Center warning that it was tracking a
hijacked airliner. Her first words were, ‘‘It must be part of the exercise’’
(Seely, 2002)."

The original article from Hart Seely;


"Lt. Col. Dawne Deskins figured it would be a long day.

Sept. 11 was Day II of "Vigilant Guardian," an exercise that would pose an imaginary crisis to North American Air Defense outposts nationwide. The simulation would run all week, and Deskins, starting her 12-hour shift in the Operations Center as the NORAD unit's airborne control and warning officer, might find herself on the spot.

Day I of the simulation had moved slowly. She hoped the exercise gathered steam. It made a long day go faster.


In the Ops Center, three rows of radar scopes face a high wall of wide-screen monitors. Supervisors pace behind technicians who peer at the instruments. Here it is always quiet, always dark, except for the green radar glow.

At 8:40, Deskins noticed senior technician Jeremy Powell waving his hand. Boston Center was on the line, he said. It had a hijacked airplane.

"It must be part of the exercise," Deskins thought."


During 7/7 (the London bombing - their "9/11") security specialist Peter Powers was running bombing exercises in the very Tube stations where suddenly, there were real bombing attacks;


The attack coincided with the G8 summit;

Currently there is a little summit going on up North;


So anyhow, if a rogue team of mercenaries or, if you will... very well trained (like... Fort Bragg trained) moles like Ali Mohamed manage to get access to the levers that control the "exercise" and something goes "boom" for real: are the people running the exercise going to be:

a) Taken by surprise!

b) Feigning surprise!

c) High-fivin'!

d) Slapping the cuffs on some moles.

I would like to know if Noble Resolve has considered the possibility of the "exercise" being forced into a "live" event by parties "unknown".

Since I help pay your salary and all.

I mean, I would take those kinds of things into account.


A very weak effort at a "live-blog"...seems disinfo-esque?!

Why would this come out on the third day of Noble Resolve? Don't they want to share info from Monday and Tuesday? The information provided seems very disjointed and like it is supposed to impress people that their work really is valuable. It gives a very superficial gloss to the goings-on, which is intended to be the equivalent of, "there is nothing behind the curtain...now run along!"

I loved the idiotic collective question we are all supposed to imagine re Hawaii..."When all this is going on, especially with Hawaii which is miles from the mainland, one might ask, "How will they receive any support?"

This paragraph seems typical of a military type composing complete bullshit...

this event it using state-of-the-art technology to its fullest in order to share information in a high-speed fashion. USJFCOM officials are particularly excited because it's a chance to use some of its own modeling and simulation (M&S) tools.

I would be interested in seeing more, but I want to know why there is an unmarked naval boat in the Willamette, why there were fighter jets flying over Portland at 2:30am, 8/21, why all the heightened TSA bullshit at the airport for two days, what Swan Island Networks is doing, what Maersk is doing...basically why is the military playing terror games/experiments to terrorize America?!

That doesn't sound like...

an "experiment".

It sounds like an "exercise". Several, actually.

Whether or not it's part of the Noble Resolve "experiment"

per se, it is clear that looking at communication among local Truthers, as well as the response to NR on national sites like this, is part of someone's agenda. NR feeds *some* information to a skeptical segment of the public -- for example, the information that the exercise is taking place in a "virtual environment" (with liveblogging, even! ) but withholds other information (or some other entity does) -- such as the exercise that is behind observed TSA activity in and around public transportation in Portland today. Part of the Noble Resolve "experiment", I'd venture to say, is public reaction to a war game.

I think you are right

If it were my job to run such a show I, too, would be covering all of those parameters and whatever else my staff could come up with.....

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Not just staff...holy rollers from Old Dominion U., etc.

Very odd bunch of people that our "live-blogging/or is it Memorex" friend consulted with in one of the entries...

Mark Nesselrode, a training analyst from Old Dominion University,
Lisa Orloff, founder and executive director of the World Cares Center,
Matt Begert, an executive for the National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue,
Lt. Col. Brad Stillabower, Marine Corps - a reservist who, based on his experience with FEMA, is a role player

...hardly staff involved with implementation of emergency preparedness protocols, etc...sounds more like a Rovian dream-team of ideological incompetents!!

The last entry of the day really sounded genuine, and I am sure that there are some good things being gleaned, but I find it interesting that the person who goes by USJFCOMPAO on this site has signed up on OregonTruthAlliance.org. Perhaps to tailor the message being put out in the live blog?!

Excellent point, Casseia! It's like the Ed Show!!

I believe that the shut-down of Indymedia for a full day was a similar such exercise. This live-blog bullshit is clearly a ruse, if you look at the depth and pertinence of the information provided. How about the Madsen information that there were two "Middle East looking" guys acting suspiciously on some ferry near Seattle...CRAP!!

I thought that they might be sussing out ways to shut down communication networks so that they can do so, in the event of a real, or FF, national emergency situation.

That is a movie I have to see again, with Jim Carey...goddam freakshow!!

Show "Have We Learned Nothing from Operation Bite?" by Leather

Have we learned nothing from the first 9/11?

You are missing the point

The next terror attack will mostly likely come disguised as a drill. It doesn't mean that we should be afraid. It means we should look at the facts and be aware of what is going on. What do you think we should do, just IGNORE all of war game planning that is going on?

Part of 9/11 Truth is preventing the next 9/11. Do you disagree with that?

That means understanding how they got away with the first one in the first place. (HINT: it would have been IMPOSSIBLE without the war games--there would NOT have been a stand-down).

Factual discussion of what is going on is not fear mongering. It's common sense, and anyone who argues otherwise is the real prognosticator because research is based on facts and documentation that is highly corroborated--not weakly supported opinions. If people want to criticize poor research in a constructive manner (read: contribute to making the research better or presenting a factual case for why it is wrong), I have nothing against that. That is what the 9/11 truth movement should be all about.

It is true that conclusions/speculations based on weakly supported facts will always be dubious, and there will always be researchers who make things out of nothing, and promote speculations instead of hard facts and corroborated documentation. But that doesn't mean there shouldn't be an effort to get at the facts and get the information.

Do you think we should ignore facts like the presidential directive that allows a dictatorship in the event of an emergency?

“’Catastrophic Emergency’ means any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions… The President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government.” National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive, May 9, 2007

“This is nothing more than a power grab that centralizes power and will make the President a dictator in the case of a so called ‘Catastrophic Emergency’. It is insane that this directive claims that its purpose is to define procedures to protect a working constitutional government when the very language in the document destroys what a working constitutional government is supposed to be. A working constitutional government contains a separation of powers between three equally powerful branches and this directive states that the executive branch has the power to coordinate the activities of the other branches. This directive is a clear violation of constitutional separation of powers.” Lee Rogers, May 21, 2007

Facts like these do not entail open ended "speculation"--they establish motive for another attack.

Regardless what you think about if they could get away with it, do you think we shouldn't TALK about facts like these?

We can't afford not to.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

I'm Missing the Point?

It's August 25th. Nothing Happened.

Ann Arbor Truth and Freedom
*My Views Do Not Necessarily Reflect The Views of The Group I Am A Part Of

Ray McGovern makes my point for me

George W. Bush: A CIA Analysis
by Ray McGovern
August 22, 2007

It is as though I'm back as an analyst at the CIA, trying to estimate the chances of an attack on Iran. The putative attacker, though, happens to be our own president.

It is precisely the work we analysts used to do. And, while it is still a bit jarring to be turning our analytical tools on the U.S. leadership, it is by no means entirely new. For, of necessity, we Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) have been doing that for almost six years now – ever since 9/11, when "everything changed."

Of necessity? Yes, because, with very few exceptions, American journalists lose their jobs if they expose things like fraudulent wars.

The craft of CIA analysis was designed to be an all-source operation, meaning that we analysts were responsible – and held accountable – for assimilating information from all sources and coming to judgments on what it all meant. We used information of all kinds, from the most sophisticated technical collection platforms to spies to open media.

Here I have to reveal a trade secret, which punctures the mystique of intelligence analysis. Generally speaking, 80 percent of the information one needs to form judgments on key intelligence targets or issues is available in open media.

It helps to have training from past masters of media analysis, which began in a structured way in targeting Japanese and German media in the 1940s. But, truth be told, everyone with a high-school education can do it. It is not rocket science.


The point being, that we ignore factual data at our own peril. Evaluating, corroborating, and managing data should be our strategy.

There would not be a truth movement if we could not establish a factual basis for the truth about 9/11.


Put this in your file, after 9/11 a growing portion of this country will NEVER trust what any of you say again. This "Experiment" will fail, we will always be watching.
11/11 Never Forget - Fetzer Flips

Just learned - Liveblogging only 1 day of NR??


Thought I would take a look at our "Live/Memorex" blogger today, and what did I find...nothing new on the site?! So, I saw a link people could use to ask questions, and I decided to use it.

Feedback has been submitted for USJFCOM
From: Styve

Message: Why no live blogging on the other days of Noble Resolve? Please send links to days 1, 2, 4 and 5, if they are available.
Thanks for your email.

We normally only liveblog one day on these types of events as we only have three writers for the entire command.

We pick the day with the most action and use it as a representative day.

Don't know what to say to this, except that it does show that the motivation to have a "liveblog" was not entirely informational, or transparency-related. Rather, it seems there was a strong PR element to it, which in the Bush Administration, generally means it's a cover, or a ponzi scheme.


Noble Resolve Interview: Joint Forces Command