History Channel, 9/11 Conspiracies Suicide-Swipe

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History Channel, 9/11 Conspiracies Suicide-Swipe.
Smoking Mirrors

August 22, 2007

Oops, they did it again. They did it right in the middle of the road at high noon where the whole world could see every blemish on their big, fat, lying asses. Most of you would have to be at least as stupid as they think you are not to be made uncomfortable by such a poorly executed farce. This was overkill to the max. This was absurdity at a level never seen before and it will stand as compelling evidence of near smoking gun proof that the official version of what happened on 9/11 is a lie.

I realize that a lot of people are very upset right now. The internet is shooting sparks 40 miles high. Those suckered into an appearance on this spectacle are outraged and fuming like the smokestacks of the Industrial Revolution. However, that part of it is your own damn fault. Some of you were just looking for a little more celebrity out of this rich minefield of nitrogen. You know who you are. You’re the ones with the winking advertisements on your sites. You’re the ones who can’t miss a photo-op even if you have no control over the way you are going to be presented. You were hoping against hope even when you knew; YOU KNEW that they were going to go after you with dull axes and bad camera angles.

Too many of you are looking to make your careers on the back of this awful event. You figured that once you’d gained that greater celebrity that you will go on to do all kinds of good for the human race. Unfortunately you come off as the same kind of opportunists that you despise on the so-called 'other side’. I want you to think about this and stop your howling like a stuck pig. It’s not as bad as it seems. In fact, if you’ll just cool your jets for a moment, I want to explain to you how this may well be the best thing that has happened so far.

Once you can step away from your sense of injury and wounded pride I want you to watch this program again. I want you to see that the extremes to which they went to make an indefensible point has now become one of the best weapons in your arsenal. This is living proof that they are scared and on the run. How could they have exposed themselves and their agenda in such a light? They’re as nervous as hens. Apparently people are listening to something other than the mainstream news. Apparently there is a revolution of complicit souls telling everyone they meet that the government and their corporate masters are lying sacks of a nitrogen rich substance. You should be overjoyed that they REALLY put their foot in it this time. I’ve got a feeling that, once you get over feeling bad, you are going to be very pleased.

They are on the run! Somewhere, at some point, most of the people in the country became aware that the government and the media are lying. They can’t undo this and when they put together such a disastrous and damning, unintentional satire as this they have really screwed the pooch and the pooch isn’t liking it one bit. People… this is a very good thing. They really should have known better but they did not. They have handed us the sort of thing every prosecutor and defense lawyer dreams of.

What? You’re saying, "sure, but millions of people saw this and we- the truth movement- do not have that kind of exposure…" Au contraire, if we didn’t have that kind of exposure they wouldn’t have felt forced into showing their hind end in such an embarrassing fashion. This may well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and they put it there themselves.

I’m not a fan of Loose Change. I don’t find it near comprehensive enough. I wonder if its success isn’t partially based on that. There are much more concise and damning presentations about and this leads me to several possibilities.

Have you any idea what kind of a film can be made for $100,000.00? That amount of money is chump change and surely those of you with the bigger sites have got that kind of coin. From this History Channel hit piece you have all the material you need to sink them in the water. They have given you all you need if you will just look at what I am saying and then look at the film again. You could make a documentary based solely on this film and have devastating impact by merely dissecting their machinations; not to mention refuting the poorly contrived arguments. It’s not just the public who needs to wake up and smell the dead bodies in the road, it’s the 9/11 truthers who need to get a clue.

Such a film could be entered at every film festival and made available through the marvel of the internet to the whole wide world. Just once, let’s make something truly powerful and profound without being ballast ridden by minutiae. I’m not a film maker but even I could do this as a result of being organized and possessing common sense. It’s a slam dunk. Let’s not be pissed off. Let’s be grateful. They blew it. They shot themselves in the foot and photographed themselves propositioning the park ranger in the public restroom. We have the advantage. Listen to what I am saying.

Please put aside your opportunism and efforts at self-advancement. If fame is in your cards it will come. Fame gained for the purpose of fame turns into a negative gain. Let’s get canny and focused people. We have them on the run. They didn’t need to do this and they certainly didn’t need to do it this badly. So… think about it… why did they? Think.

The bad news is that they most certainly have to do something nasty now. They have to distract the world’s attention from what has become an avalanche of lies now rotting in the sun. My guess is that they are going to screw that up too. For the first time in a long time I get the feeling that the tide is turning. We have them on the run; Carpe Diem, people.

Trace the ownership of The History Channel and look at who is saying what and never mentioning the conflicts of interest and lay it out. Focus on the cherry-picking, creative editing and special effects and use your wit and clarity to nail them to the wall. Take the actual clips that they manipulated and SHOW THEM as they were in fact. There are thousands of us at work here. Some of us have large audiences. Some of us have smaller audiences. But when you put together the sum of our collective audiences, it is very large and world wide. They can’t stop us. We have the advantage and they handed it to us free of charge.

Everyone who got filmed with a mullet and taken out of context and dismissed with extreme prejudice should take heart this very hour. Millions are waiting to see what you are going to say and how you are going to handle this. Are these disinfo agents lying, murdering swine? Assuredly they are. Has their hour come round at last? It may well have. Mark my words; this is going to turn against them in spades. This is going to resound all over the world. They messed up. We have the advantage.

Go fix yourself a cup of coffee or crack a beer. Make your way out on to the deck, to the gazebo, over to the kitchen table or wherever it works for you and savor this moment. Put away your sense of injury and get frosty. Get gimlet-eyed and feel the delicious anticipation that precedes your opportunity to cut these fools to shreds. It’s in your hands now and the whole world is watching. We’re all counting on you to show us what you’re made of. This hatchet-job is a serendipitous gift. Make the best of it.

Light Up Ahead

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History will mark the first airing with the tombstone of the government media.

I agree completely, what has started can not be stopped.

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

The media whores find

The media whores find themselves increasingly caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

If they do an honest and impartial investigation of the 9/11 truthers they would be forced to admit that, yup these guys do have a point. It looks like the official conspiracy theory has more holes in it than a hunk of Swiss cheeses. However, that would invite the question from the public, "So how come you well paid, journalistic fat cats sat on your asses for 6 years and couldn't investigate these issues and left it all to a bunch of amateur bloggers and part time investigators operating on the internet to raise the issues? A truly professional and impartial media should have also been raising these questions and examining the evidence, but instead you did nothing other than to cast aspersions upon the truth movement and did your absolute best to discredit the entire movement (after ignoring it didn't work). "

So the only other alternative is to do a hatchet job and try to make out that the 9/11 doubters and questioners are all loony tune "conspiracy theorists" of the same ilk that might believe Elvis was captured by spacemen and taken to live on Mars. However when they do that, as others have pointed out, the hatchet jobs are so blatantly lopsided and unfair in their approach that anyone with a modicum of common sense and curiosity might be motivated to research the matter for him/her self and those who might have been harboring secret or unconfessed doubts about the official conspiracy and thought they were on their own will find out that increasing numbers of the general public share their doubts and concerns as well. In spite of the media whores best efforts, it will be apparent that the official conspiracy theory (the only conspiracy theory we are told by government and media to believe and accept whole heartedly without question or reservation) is not at all as watertight as the mainstream media spinmeisters would have us believe, and the doubters will be pointed to uncensored resources where they can get further information as to the real weaknesses in the government case. So, in spite of their best efforts, more truthers are nurtured or created than are turned around and directed back into the Orwellian ,TV zombieland (where the government is only there to "help" you) by their one sided, dishonest hatchet job.

A classic damned if they do and damned if they don't for the lamestream media, and it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of guys and gals either.

A 911Denier friend saw it...and he is a Truther now!

...well...he is getting there! He said that the debunking of whatever supposed 911 T conspiracy was so weak that it made him question what the fuck was going on...why the debunks seemed like the fabrications, and the so-called "conspiracy theories" seemed the more rational explanations!!

Great post, dude!!